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Aiden Early wins 2015 NFL PPK National Championship


The 2015 NFL Punt, Pass & Kick National Championship took place on Saturday, Jan. 2, as 40 athletes gathered in Indianapolis to demonstrate their punting, passing and kicking skills. Athletes competed in five different age divisions, which contained four participants. Each athlete was then given the opportunity to showcase two punts, two passes and two kicks. After a day full of close competition, scores were calculated and a champion from each division was crowned. The Buffalo Bills were represented by the organization's three Team Championship winners—Kyle Mitchell, Aiden Early, and Caleb Nuzzo.

The Bills are proud to congratulate Kyle, Aiden and Caleb on their effort during the competition, and with a score totaling 221.6, Aiden Early was named champion of the 8-9 boys group. After demonstrating his impressive ability to punt, pass and kick, Aiden and nine other champions were recognized at the Indianapolis Colts vs. Tennessee Titans game the following Sunday, Jan. 3. The NFL Punt, Pass & Kick program has been in operation for 53 years, and has a rich history.

For athletes like Aiden, winning the NFL Punt, Pass & Kick National Championship is a great achievement, as some of the league's most prominent players have participated in the event throughout the years. Aiden will join the likes of Chad Kelly, quarterback at Ole Miss and nephew of Bills Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly, who also won the championship. Aiden's accomplishment is important to his community, Greece, N.Y. and to the Buffalo Bills.

Congratulations, to you Aiden and to all of the 2015 NFL Punt, Pass & Kick National Champions!

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