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Angelo Crowell - Postgame

Bills SLB- Angelo Crowell
On shutting down the run

That was our goal going into the game. We knew they have a very explosive offense, great run and great passing ability.  We knew we had to stop one of the two. We did a great job in the firs half stopping the run and made them throw the ball.  The corners did a great job against the pass and the defensive line did a great job getting to the quarterback. On the game plan was is what you expected

I knew they were going to try and run the ball more with Rudi Johnson being back and that's what they did.  We felt like they were going to come out and run and that's what they did.  We did a good job stopping it and protecting the pass. On earning respect by stopping one of the top offenses in the league

Every Sunday we step out there it's about earning respect.  Guys just don't respect Buffalo. Going out there beating Cincinnati, stopping an explosive offense and doing those types of things eventually gains respect. On being 4-4 and on a three game winning streak, after how the season started- are you guys satisfied

We are half way through the season and on a three-game winning streak.  We want to keep it going and just keep preparing well on and off the field. We need to stay together as a team. On guys stepping up after all the injuries early on

Guys have really stepped up and have done a great job preparing.  They are doing a great job focusing and we are coming together as a team. We just need to keep believing.


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