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At Home with the Bills

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At Home with the Bills | Siran Neal


What TV shows are you watching right now?

I'm really not a TV show person. I'm really more of a Prime movie person. I just go in there, find anything that really interests me. Movies with Denzel Washington, Will Smith. I'm really into action movies. If I would watch a show, it would be "Power."

Who is the better actor: Denzel or Will?

Oh. I'm gonna go with the vet with that one. I feel like Will learned from Denzel, you know? You can't put Will over Denzel. Will, he's great, but Denzel is the G.O.A.T. of the acting thing.

What's his best movie?

His best movie? Woo. Best movie, that's a hard one. "John Q" is a good one. "John Q" is a classic even though most people don't love it. What else? "The Equalizer" is pretty good. "He Got Game" is probably the best one. That or "Training Day." I probably would say "Training Day" is the best one.

What music are you listening to?

I'm a really chill, mellow guy. Game day, I'm more rap music. But when I'm at home, I got surround sound on. I'm more of an R&B, soul guy at the crib. I'm more of an oldie goldies, O'Jays. You got Kem, you got Marvin Gaye, you got Luther. I'm from the south. That's what we do in the south. We put the barbecue on and we put the music on loud. Old music, not rap music. My grandma ain't playing that.

Who inspired your music taste?

I would definitely say my grandma. I'm a grandma's baby, to be honest. She informed me with most of the music I listen to, and also my dad. He's kind of an easy guy too, so one of his favorite artists is Kem. That's most of the music I listen to, mostly soul music.

What is your favorite item in your fridge right now?

Probably my kid's yogurt. The Anna and Elsa yogurt from "Frozen." That's one of my go-tos. That's pretty good. Outside of the fridge, probably cereal. Frosted Flakes.

How do you plan to spend the holiday?

Definitely with my kids and my lady.

How many kids do you have?

I've got twin girls. Four years old.

What are they watching?

You've got two different situations right here. You've got one that's the kid with the cartoons. Then you've got one that's more of the daddy's girl that's watching everything that I watch. So, I don't really try to watch too much bad stuff with the kids around but she's definitely more into action movies. She really loves movies like I like. If it's interesting, if it's got a really good story to it, she likes it. She would rather watch that than cartoons.

What's your favorite item in your closet?

My shoes.

Do you have a favorite pair?

You can't really have a favorite pair of shoes. I've got a lot of them. It's a ton of them. I had to go off top right now, off top of the dome, I'd probably go with the – no, I can't name them. I'm gonna say my bred low-top (Air Jordan) ones.

Have you collected football memorabilia? Any jersey swaps?

I talked to Matthew Slater of the Patriots after the game this year. Him telling me that I've got all the tools that he had and all of that stuff and to just keep going, especially on special teams. That's one guy I look up to, so him talking to me about that, that was pretty big. He basically gave me advice and told me the things I'm doing are great for my team. Probably that one.