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Bills aim to force turnovers + 4 other thoughts heading into the Titans game | Quote sheet


1. Bills remember last matchup with Tennessee

Buffalo defeated the Titans 13-12 in a slugfest last season. Buffalo hosted the Titans in that one but now the Bills are prepared to head to Nashville for round two. Bills players still remember what last year's October matchup was like.

"It was a 60-minute game," Zay Jones said. "It was one of those games that you had to grind it out. The defense played really well, offensively we would have liked to get more points. Hauschka came up clutch for us but it was a hard fought win for us and we know that this team is a good football team."

"It was a battle and that's exactly what we are expecting to be in this weekend," Jordan Poyer said.

Lorenzo Alexander uses last year's game as a learning moment. 

"Obviously it helps a lot because we're able to go back and watch our game last year and see the things that they have done well against us," Alexander said. "You see some things that maybe have helped us out and then obviously we had the four games that they played this year so it's definitely helpful to have played them in a recent match."

2. Forcing turnovers

The Titans have a plus-five turnover differential through four weeks this season. Quarterback Marcus Mariota has yet to throw an interception and out of eight fumbles they have only lost one. Buffalo's defense will need to find ways to get the ball back after placing such a high emphasis on it last week.

"They've done a good job. I've seen they've had some balls on the ground that fortunately just went their way. So we talk about opportunities in the game and when they present itself when those opportunities as far as the ball in the air or football on the ground, those are plays that our defense has to come up with in order to help us win this ballgame."

3. Touchdown memories

A starting quarterback for this week has yet to be named. Starter Josh Allen is in the concussion protocol which led to Matt Barkley taking the majority of reps on Wednesday. Offensive lineman Dion Dawkins doesn't forget what Barkley was able to do in his one start last season.

"Well don't forget Barkley though me a touchdown pass, so I love the dude" Dawkins said. "To me he's special, he threw a touchdown pass to me but realistically he's a great quarterback and if the touchdown pass never happened Barkley is still special and has a history of being a winner."

4. Listening to your veterans

Rookie Ed Oliver has been frustrated after not recording a sack through the first four games. Oliver has realized that the NFL game is a lot different than any other football he's played.

"It's a game of inches, being milliseconds too late. You got to turn the corner tight and stay tight when you're wrapping, get their hands off of you, they really mean it. I heard it from older guys and I was like 'I'll be alright' but you really have to flip your ears and everything they were telling me you really have to do all of it because it's a game of inches."

5. Josh Allen is a warrior

Quarterback Josh Allen has received criticism for not sliding when he runs and for taking big hits. To Dion Dawkins it's a trait that makes him the quarterback that he wants to play for.

"Josh is a competitor," Dawkins said. "Josh is just Josh, of course we all say Josh just get down, but Josh is one of those dudes that fights for every inch. Sometimes it means he gets hit but Josh is a warrior. He's just like that."

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