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Bills fan wins prilosec NFL sweepstakes

When products or companies offer luxurious prizes as rewards for contests some people think that it is just a ploy to get more people to buy that product. But ask Dennis Whitford and he will tell you something else.

Whitford is the grand prize winner of the Prilosec OTC NFL Season of a Lifetime sweepstakes. As the grand prize winner Whitford is given the opportunity to take in all of the sights and sounds of his favorite team all season long.

As a Buffalo Bills fan, Whitford was in Pittsford on Tuesday to take in a behind the scenes look at Bills training camp. The special trip to camp, which included a tour of St. John Fisher and a special meeting with general manager Marv Levy, is the second of 24 events that Whitford will take in during the season. The first event was a trip to the NFL Draft in New York City. In addition to the draft and his trip to camp, Whitford will take in the Bills two home preseason games, all 16 regular season games, three playoff games, Super Bowl XLII and the Pro Bowl.

Ironically, the recipient of the dream season for any football fan did not enter his own name into the contest drawing.

"My wife is the one who put my name in the contest," said Whitford. "She had gone to get the medication and she saw, on the box, about the contest. So she went on the computer and just entered my name, because we are both big football fans but never expecting to win."

Whitford traveled to training camp with his wife, brother and sister in law. For each event Whitford will be accompanied by three guests. Whitford has already worked out with his daughter and son in law which games they will miss so he can fill in with other games.

Due to his VIP treatment Whitford was able to take on some one-on-one blocking with the tight ends before watching the remainder of practice from the Bills hospitality tent.

"This has been an awesome day for us. We are just having a wonderful time," said Whitford.

Whitford, who has already raved about the experience that he has had at his two off season experiences, plans to enjoy the rewards of his prize more as the season continues.

While the pain of heartburn may be difficult to deal with at times, Whitford will certainly be thankful that he chose to use Prilosec OTC as the medication to deal with his pain.

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