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Bills offensive staff rallies around Anthony Lynn


The members of Buffalo's coaching staff are fully aware of the demanding task Anthony Lynn has been handed in taking over the reins as the Bills offensive play caller in Week 3 of the regular season. He's never called plays in a regular season game before, nor has he been entrusted with formulating a game plan with an offensive system that's not his own. That's why the balance of the team's offensive assistants have rallied around Lynn to ensure their side of the ball is as prepared as possible for the Cardinals on Sunday.

"The whole staff those guys have been outstanding," said Lynn in an appearance on the John Murphy Show Wednesday. "(Senior offensive assistant) Chris Palmer with his leadership he's helped me with the passing game. Aaron Kromer he's one of the better offensive line coaches in the game and he has called plays. Those guys have been outstanding. Pat Meyer, Tony Sparano, Sanjay Lal has been very helpful in the passing game. Jason Vrable has stepped up and is helping out with the running backs in the running back room. So everyone is playing a role and stepping up their game."

Even head coach Rex Ryan sat in on the offensive meetings this week, something he hasn't done very often in his head coaching career.

"More of an observer," said Ryan in describing his participation in those meetings this week. "If asked questions I'll provide a defensive perspective, but that's pretty much it."

The input from veteran assistants on the offensive side of the ball however, was much more significant. Offensive line coach Aaron Kromer, who has two years of experience as an offensive coordinator and has taken over a team on the fly when he was interim head coach of the Saints during the Bountygate scandal, has been working closely with Lynn this week.

"I think he's using his staff really well," said Ryan of Lynn. "Aaron Kromer did an outstanding job for instance talking about the running game and implementing that. I see that from Anthony as well."

Senior offensive assistant Chris Palmer, who has been a head coach and offensive coordinator in the NFL, is providing help with Buffalo's passing attack.

"I think with Anthony he's got a much bigger role," said Ryan of Palmer. "He's going to be heavily involved in the passing game for sure along with (receivers coach) Sanjay (Lal). I think they'll really be involved in the passing."

The plan is for Lynn to be up in the coach's booth on game day and call plays from upstairs. That's in contrast to former coordinator Greg Roman, who called plays in from the sidelines. The path of the play call will go from Lynn in the booth to Taylor in his helmet.

"I'm going to talk directly to Tyrod from the coach's booth," said Lynn. "I've always said when I call plays I like to go upstairs and see the big picture. Just be in a relaxed, calm environment and take all the emotions out of it where I can think clearly and make the best calls."

Veteran guard Richie Incognito is encouraged by the teamwork he's witnessed with the offensive coaches to help Lynn pull off this difficult task in the span of 10 days. The players are also providing input.

"I think everyone is pitching in," Incognito said. "We have a veteran group. They can come to guys like me and (Eric) Wood and ask, 'Hey what do you want to run in this situation?' Sammy, Robert Woods, the receiving corps, 'What do you guys like to run?' I think that it's a collaborative effort. I really think that everybody is all in. We realize that when the offensive coordinator gets fired that's a direct reflection of our performance on the field. So everybody is in and we're working hard to get this thing right."

The Bills 0-2 start is not how anyone wanted to come out of the gate, but the players on offense are focused and determined to execute and make the transition to coach Lynn as their play caller a successful one.

"Things happen," said Taylor. "You have to be able to adjust on the fly. There are going to be ups and downs in a season, but you have to be able to stay focused and do whatever it takes. It starts with this one. We have to go out there and get a win."

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