Bills react after loss to Colts


Cornerback Stephon Gilmore**

On losing another tough one:

"We had opportunities out there today, but we just didn't make plays and get off the field."

On covering Reggie Wayne:

"I followed him everywhere he went, except for when he was on the inside most of the time. I feel like I played him pretty well. He just got a couple crossing routes, but I felt like I played him pretty well."

On the Colts converting on third downs:

"They got us there a couple times. We just have to shut them down on third down and try to get off the field. There are plays out there to be made, and we just didn't make them."

On the pass interference towards the end:

"I was playing aggressive and I jammed him up at the line. I touched his waist a little bit, but the ref called it so we have to deal with it."

Running Back Fred Jackson

On the loss:

"It's definitely not what we wanted. It's going to be hard to get where we want to get, but we have to keep fighting. It was good to get back out there, but I didn't do much. I felt like it was hard to be out there and not do much for the team. Hopefully we get things turned around though."

On his workload throughout the game:

"I didn't really get a lot of the workload. We were down 19-6, so we knew we were going to pass the ball a little bit. It's tough, but we've got to keep pushing though. A lot of guys are upset at the way that game came out, but we've got to keep fighting."

On the offense not moving as well as it did earlier this year:

"It's just inconsistency. We're not doing things consistently. If we do that, we are capable of moving the ball against anybody. We didn't do that today. We didn't finish when we were in the red zone. It's hard to beat a team when you are not putting the points on the board that you want to like getting touchdowns instead of field goals."

On keeping the team afloat as a leader:

"It won't be hard with this group. Everybody in this group is a fighter. All we can do is go watch film, see the things we didn't do right, and adjust to it. It won't be hard to keep these guys motivated. They'll continue to work. All we've got to do is come watch film tomorrow, put it behind us, and then get ready for the next one."

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