Bills Season Ticket Member of the Game Week 15


Although he didn't grow up in Western New York, Don Cobb has been a Bills fan since 1990 when he attended his first Bills game with his family.

 "I took my youngest son and my daughter and my wife to a Bills game when my youngest son, who's now 32, was four years old," said Cobb. "The joy and the love that he had on his face eventually turned me into a Bills fan back in 1990. We always used to go to the games and then I went to New England for three years to work for our company and I would come home three of four times during the year from Boston to take him to the games. When I transferred back to central New York when he was 16, my wife says, 'What should we do for Matt for Christmas?'…She goes, 'What do you think about getting season tickets to the Buffalo Bills?'…It was like the next day that we bought season tickets for the Buffalo Bills."

Now a dedicated Season Ticket Member, Cobb, who lives near Cortland, New York, makes the trip for each Bills home game and has witnessed several special matchups in his time as a fan.

"…One of the nicest wins was 2003 when they beat New England 31-0 on opening day and then again when we beat them…seven years ago," he said. "My friends and the people that sit with me were…in tears they were so happy."

Over the years, Cobb has also taken pride in cheering on some of the franchise's most memorable players – one of them being Wall of Famer Steve Tasker.

"Well, my son Matt's favorite player when we first started taking him was Stevie Tasker," Cobb explained. "When Matt played football all the way through high school, he was a wide receiver and he wore number 89. We have a pretty large room in our basement that has all Bills paraphernalia and a Bills bar with all my season tickets on the top of the bar and when we built it, Matt and I and a couple of his friends built the room in the basement…it turned out really nice. He came home one day when they were laying the carpets [and] I named it 'Club 89' after him and Stevie Tasker."

Photos of Bills fans at the team's 2018 Week 15 game against the Detroit Lions. Say Cheese is presented by Yancey's Fancy.

For Cobb, his friends and his family, Bills game days start well before kickoff and include nearly a three-hour bus ride from his hometown.

 "One of my friends actually bought a small bus, [a] 14-seater, this is our third year of using it," he said when discussing his game day routine. "We have [a] designated driver [and] the bus makes four stops. I live…just south of Cortland and I am the first stop at a quarter after four, 4:30 in the morning. We make one stop in Cortland to pick up the people on the bus from Cortland. We [also] sometimes go up along Skaneateles Lake…then it's on to Buffalo to be there by 8-8:30 in the morning…We have canopies [and] a couple of grills. In the beginning of the season, we all get together to plan out [the menu for] the first couple of games. After that, we kind of talk about it during the week of a game depending on what the weather is going to be."

While Cobb enjoys tailgating and the many perks associated with his membership, one of his favorite things about being a Bills Season Ticket Member is feeling like he is part of the team.

"I just love being around the Bills and being around the fans and certainly most of all, the game," he said. "The history and being a part of them [is great too] it takes up a big part of my life year-round. "

Congratulations, Don!

The Buffalo Bills would like to thank Don for his many years of being a loyal Bills Season Ticket Member and our Season Ticket Member of the Game. In addition to Don being selected as a Season Ticket Member of the Game, he received a club seat upgrade at the Lions vs. Bills matchup on Sunday, Dec. 16, an autographed item and select Bills merchandise.

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