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Bills Today: Avoiding worst case draft scenarios


Here's the Bills news of note for March 28th.

1 - Avoiding worst case draft scenariosBleacher Report's Gary Davenport released what he believes is the worst-case scenario for each NFL team and unsurprisingly, the Bills' scenario involves the QB position. ![](

"It isn't exactly a state secret that the Buffalo Bills need a quarterback after trading Tyrod Taylor to the Cleveland Browns," said Davenport. "While the Bills signed AJ McCarron in free agency, his two-year, $10 million contract isn't a ringing endorsement of their long-term faith in the former Bengals backup."

According to Davenport, the worst-case for the Bills isn't missing out on one of the four main QB draft prospects, it’s overpaying for one of them. He said the Bills should be careful because it is likely the Browns, Jets and Broncos will all pick a quarterback within the first five picks, which may not leave the Bills with a lot of room to maneuver into a top five draft position. At least without overpaying.

 "And with two first-rounders of their own (Nos. 12 and 22), the Bills are in position to make an attractive offer," said Davenport.

"However, if it takes additional first-rounders on top of the pair in 2018, the offer suddenly isn't all that attractive for the Bills. Even if it means moving all the way up to second overall, no quarterback in this year's draft class is worth three firsts."

Davenport believes McCarron is not a plan 'B' Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott should be afraid to use.

McCarron had little opportunity to prove himself the past two seasons, only throwing the ball 14 times.

During the 2015-2016 season, McCarron started four games after a thumb injury left Andy Dalton out of commission. McCarron won two of the four games including an overtime loss to the Broncos. He threw six touchdowns and helped the Bengals make the post-season. There he led a fourth quarter comeback before a Pittsburgh Steelers game-winning field goal with a minute left at the end of the game. 

"When you look at his resume, he's a player that has won a number of games when given the chance to start," said McDermott. "You go back to his high school career, his college career and then the opportunities he had in the pros. He's had success at all three markers if you will. So there's a highly competitive person in there and also a leader. So when you start to look for the DNA that we're looking for those are all good qualities."

2 - Should Bills target Odell Beckham Jr.?
After a 3-13 record during the 2017-18 regular season, John Mara, the New York Giants Owner, said no player is untouchable. That includes star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr, and according to Pat Leonard from The Daily News, the price may not be as high as expected.

The Daily News has learned that the price in a prospective Beckham trade is starting at a first-round pick plus. The 'plus' is the negotiable part, but the meaning is that it likely won't require two first-round picks to get it done.

Leonard went on to suggest potential landing spots for Beckham being the Los Angeles Rams, The San Francisco 49ers, the Baltimore Ravens and the Buffalo Bills.

GM Brandon Beane worked with Gettleman in Carolina, so there is a pre-existing relationship. Beane's and Sean McDermott's club also might have the best draft capital to swing a deal, owning the 12th and 22nd overall picks in the first round and also two second-rounders. Beckham would help out AJ McCarron and a likely rookie quarterback draft pick immensely.

A fractured ankle sidelined Beckham after Week 4 of this past NFL season, but not before he caught the ball 25 times for 302 yards and three touchdowns. The year prior, Beckham hauled in 101 receptions for over 1,300 yards and 10 touchdowns; production the Bills have not seen at the wide receiver position in years.

Bills GM Brandon Beane recently spoke at the league's owners meetings this week and provided the following answer on the status of the team's wide receiver position.

"We're always looking to find fits and bring competition at receiver and other positions. ... It's a 12-month process to build this roster," he said. "We have to make sure we have the team the way we want it in September when our opening game is." 

All that being said, knowing that Beckham wants a lucrative contract extension, presumably with a lot of money up front in year one, this may not be feasible for Buffalo knowing their efforts to create a more favorable and flexible cap situation going forward.

3 - Glenn trade was win-win situationBills head coach Sean McDermott reviewed the Cordy Glenn trade for the first at the owners meeting Tuesday.

As a refresher, the Bills traded the 28-year old left tackle, a first-round pick (No. 21) and a fifth-round pick (No. 158) in exchange for pick 12 and a sixth rounder (No. 187).

"With respect to the Cordy (Glenn) situation I thought that Brandon handled that extremely well," said McDermott. "It has to be the right fit. A win-win situation. We felt good about it from our end in terms of the deal and I'm sure Cincinnati feels good about it from their end in terms of what they got, a good football player in Cordy Glenn. With us where we're going we wanted to move in a different direction."

Originally, the Bills wanted two different things. To move up in the draft, and to get compensation equal to a second-round pick for Glenn. The Bills ended up getting both in one move.

"Those started off at two separate entities, said McDermott. "We wanted to move in a different direction with Cordy and we also wanted to try to move up in the draft. So anything deeper than that is probably a better question for Brandon. Those two entities kind of came together. We can move on and also move up so that just came together and we were able to move up the draft board."

Using the old NFL trade value chart first used by former Cowboys head coach Jimmy Johnson, moving from 21 to 12 is a value difference of 400 points. Four-hundred points is the value of a mid-second rounder, but instead of trading out of the second round for Glenn, the Bengals only traded back in round one and swapped their sixth rounder for the Bills fifth rounder. SOCIAL MEDIA POST OF THE DAY

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