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Bills Today: Benjamin finally has time to learn the playbook


1 - Benjamin finally has time to learn the playbookHe's the Bills number one wide receiver and he is reaching a level of comfort that he had trouble finding last season. It's never easy to be traded in any professional sport, but in the NFL, in the middle of the season, Kelvin Benjamin went from knowing the Carolina Panthers playbook, to knowing nothing about his new offense. ![](

Benjamin first took the field for the Bills in Week 10 last season, but he was playing a step behind everyone else, and not because of his knee.

"Last season, it was different because I didn't really learn the playbook," said Benjamin. "I really only learned that week's game plan. I'd only know the plays going in this week, and then going into the next week, I had to sort of forget those plays and learn the new ones. I was on a week-to-week basis and I just had to stay extra and kind of just cram it all in."

Now, Benjamin has to start over with an entirely new offensive playbook including a new offensive coordinator in Brian Daboll, but Benjamin has enjoyed his experience with his new OC so far.

"He's great, man. I mean because he listens to you," said Benjamin. "He's not one of those OCs who just put the playbook in front of you, you know. He asks you questions a lot. He asks you questions about routes that you like, asks you about plays that you like and 'Do you want to move around? Can you handle this?' All those types of things, that just show that he cares about you as a player. He cares about you as a person and he wants to win."

And when it comes to comfort level, Benjamin compares this year and last year as night and day.

"I feel like I'm a QB out there because I know pretty much what everybody's doing," said Benjamin. "Last year, I only knew what I was doing."

2 - Who is the Bills' best value player?It's the thing that every general manager in the NFL looks to accomplish when setting his roster. Finding a player that can make an impact, but for an amount of money that is surprisingly low. Bleacher Report did a lot of research on figuring out who the best value player on each team is.

*It's not rocket science, but it's harder than it looks, which is why there's so much turnover in this league. *

But every franchise has at least one player outperforming his contract. Most of them are on rookie deals, indicating draft triumph. Others were steals in free agency, indicating savvy on the open market.

When it comes to the Bills, it wasn't an easy decision for Bleacher Report because two DBs in Buffalo made a name for themselves last season, but Tre'Davious barely edged out Jordan Poyer.

The competition for this distinction on the Buffalo Bills roster was a neck-and-neck battle between starting defensive backs Tre'Davious White and Jordan Poyer, both of whom played major roles despite having average annual salaries in the range of $3 million…

*White had four interceptions, 18 passes defensed and a touchdown while making nearly $750,000 less than Poyer on average. The 23-year-old 2017 first-round pick made a similar impact for less money and has a higher upside, so he gets the crown.

Check out some of the best photos from Week 3 of Buffalo Bills 2018 OTAs.


3 - Hall of Famer Lofton comments on T.O. controversyHe played like a Hall of Famer, and he was selected to be inducted this year, but Terrell Owens has chosen not to make his way to Canton for the ceremony. Instead, Owens said he will be doing his own thing on the night of his induction which has caused a stir around the NFL.

Owens spent one year with the Buffalo Bills in 2009.

Former Buffalo Bills player and current Pro Football Hall of Famer, James Lofton spent four seasons with the Bills including three of the four Super Bowl seasons. When he heard about Owens' decision, he had this to say while hosting “The SiriusXM Blitz” on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

"I am little bit mystified and I don't want to jump to a conclusion from his angle," said Lofton. "[It is] Just disappointing. It is such a great experience, a nice collection of players that you have played against, players that you might have admired, and you become part of history with the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Going to the ceremonies, they do such a great job in highlighting the players. Even now, they bring all of the players who are up for induction, you know that final 15, they bring them to the Super Bowl the year before. They acknowledge them at a banquet. The process of highlighting these players, the Hall of Fame does a great job in it. Obviously Terrell Owens thinks that he can have more fun or could be more important to him to do it on his own, and so we'll mail him his gold jacket. I am heartbroken."


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