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Bills Today | Bill Polian in favor of Bills league hiring proposal

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1. Bill Polian in favor of Bills league hiring proposal

Hall of Famer Bill Polian was named NFL Executive of the Year six times during his career in the National Football League. He also served for many years on the league's Competition Committee, so he's very familiar with the kinds of rules and changes in practice proposals presented to the Committee each offseason by its member clubs.

The Buffalo Bills submitted a very interesting proposal concerning the timeline in which new head coaches and assistant coaches in line for promotions on other clubs would be interviewed and hired.

Under Buffalo's proposal, coaching and front office candidates wouldn't be allowed to interview with another club until after the conference championship games at the earliest. And none of those candidates could be hired until after the Super Bowl.

While some believe NFL owners and general managers won't have the patience to wait that long, Bill Polian, a former GM himself, supports the proposal.

"I'm a hundred percent in favor of it," said Polian in an appearance on ‘One Bills Live’. "It wouldn't hurt a thing, but I doubt it will pass because a change of this type is viewed as competitive. Owners and GMs are so competitive to go and find the right guy that I doubt it will get the number of votes needed to pass. But I think it's a great idea.

"It would be good for the game. It would be good for minority coaches. There's absolutely nothing wrong with it. You'd have to put some teeth into it, but it's a great idea. The fact that we're talking about it is a good thing because over time people tend to think about it and then say, 'You know what? That's not a bad idea.' And pretty soon it becomes mainstream, so good for Mr. and Mrs. Pegula for putting it out there and hopefully it gains some traction."

The league's ownership is expected to review the Bills proposal and others at the league meetings in May.

2. New Bills linebacker coming off breakout season

Buffalo's signing of free agent LB Tyrell Adams may largely fly under the radar, but it's an intriguing signing for the Bills. In need of depth at linebacker, the move makes sense. However, Adams is bringing production to the team's linebacker room.

The five-year veteran had a breakout season in 2020.

Finally earning the opportunity to play a starting role in Houston last season, Adams finished second on the Texans in tackles with 122, had four pass breakups, three quarterback hits, two sacks, a pair of forced fumbles and a fumble recovery.

Adams, who turns 29 on April 11th, figures to be in the mix to serve as one of the primary backups to starters Tremaine Edmunds and Matt Milano if he performs similarly in training camp.

3. Former Bills WR Chris Hogan officially a pro lacrosse player

Former Bills WR Chris Hogan was an accomplished college lacrosse player at Penn State, but late in his college career he decided he wanted to pursue a pro football career and transferred to Monmouth for his final year of college eligibility to play football.

The gamble worked as Hogan carved out a nine-year NFL career that began in Buffalo and included a pair of Super Bowl rings before it was over.

Now Hogan is reversing field to take another gamble. The former NFL receiver is trying to undertake a professional lacrosse career at age 33. Fortunately the most important step in making that happen took place on Wednesday. Hogan was signed by the Cannons Lacrosse Club of the Premier Lacrosse League.

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Hogan will certainly be a draw for New Englanders who know Hogan all too well from his playing days for the Patriots.

Now Hogan has to prove himself in training camp to earn a roster spot.

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