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Bills Today | Bills are asking Tremaine Edmunds to do a lot


1. Bills are asking Tremaine Edmunds to do a lot

Sometimes Tremaine Edmunds impact doesn't appear at first glance. Sunday was different. Edmunds recorded the first sack of his season, tackling Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield in the end zone for a safety.

Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier praised Edmunds for what he does every play.

"We ask a lot of Tremaine," Frazier said. "He's the quarterback of our defense, making the calls, getting guys lined up, communicating different changes that are occurring based on information, but we also try to put him in position at times to make some plays and he's been able to do that for us."

Edmunds sack is the first play that comes to mind but he's been properly filling his gaps the entire season. Frazier was able to remember some other plays by Edmunds on Sunday.

"That third down stop, getting his hands up that was big," Frazier said. "You know we just got to put him in more positions but he's making big plays and sometimes they don't show up in the stat line, but his command of our defense is a big play for us in the statistical part. It'll come you know some interceptions, batted balls the tackles, and you know, they'll come."

2. Head coach Sean McDermott will stress these major points

Win the line of scrimmage, dominate the run game, take the ball away, those are head coach Sean McDermott's three steps to reset Buffalo for this week.

"It all starts with me making sure we're in position to make plays and then when you go back to the tape it's higher levels of execution in all three phases," McDermott said. "You know, winning the line of scrimmage I think is important also and we didn't do that enough yesterday. Winning the run game on both sides of the ball and then taking the ball away on defense, we need takeaways. So, those are probably the major three points that we made to the team."

Buffalo has a minus-one turnover margin this season and didn't turn the ball over on offense on Sunday. Their only turnover was Edmunds safety in the endzone. The Bills rushed for 84 total yards and Browns running back Nick Chubb had 116 by himself.

These three points will be keys leading into this Sunday's game against the Miami Dolphins.

3. Offensive coordinator Brian Daboll: Just get more points

The Bills don't care how they score, just score, says offensive coordinator Brian Daboll. Sunday's game against the Browns had no indication of Buffalo favoring a play over another it's what Daboll saw as best fit for the situations.

"We got to find a way to get more points, whether that's running or passing," Daboll said.

Ultimately, Buffalo not scoring comes down to execution.

"Again, I think when they try to stop one thing then that needs to open up other things," Daboll said. "We gotta do a good job executing that and vice versa. Is there a time that you need to run it, no matter what? Sure, absolutely. But at that point, based on how things were getting and adjustments we made, that's a decision that we made."

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