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Bills Today: Bills brass draws praise from ESPN NFL Nation reporter


1. Bills brass draws praise from ESPN NFL Nation reporter

ESPN Patriots reporter, Mike Reiss joined the John Murphy Show on Wednesday and said something that should excite Bills fans. ![](

"I really feel like the Bills are coming," said Reiss.

A man who has covered the New England Patriots for over 20 years believes the Bills are on the way to success. So, what is it that the Bills are doing to gain the praise from Reiss. Well, Brandon Beane and McDermott are receiving some of that credit.

"I just love the strategy, watching it from afar," said Reiss. "The way they positioned themselves for short and long-term success… I believe that people are probably saying if they can get the quarterback – that's the final piece – and I'm intrigued by that. I think it looks like they made a lot of great moves, now they just need that sort of chess piece. That trump card if you will to put them over the top."


2. What prospect is being compared to Steve Tasker

His name may not jump off the page, but Russell Gage has the ability to be a day three steal in the upcoming NFL Draft.

In an article on, the similarity between the Buffalo Bills legend and Gage is made clear.

Granted, Gage's greatest strength isn't anything that can be measured in this type of setting. His ability as a special teams gunner is uncanny, bringing to mind one of the few players to ever make a reputation strictly in that role — former Buffalo Bills great Steve Tasker.

The LSU wide receiver could become a special teams option the Bills may find hard to pass up come Day 3 of the draft. At least one scout thinks so.

"Gage is the guy I get more questions about from guys who don't scout the Southeastern Conference," Louisiana-based draft expert Mike Detillier told SEC Country earlier this year. "But he can help you instantly on special teams. Not everyone can do that. That's a gift to get down the field and get to the ball. He has a knack that's tremendous. He's not a starting receiver in the NFL, but he's part of the package.

What he can do on special teams is going to get him picked. If I'm a special teams coach watching LSU, the first guy that sticks out is Russell Gage."

3. McShay has Buffalo picking Allen in Dueling Mock Draft

Not that Mel Kiper has a history of getting angry, but when Todd McShay broke the rules for the duos dueling mock drafts, Kiper was a little frustrated.

That rule was no trades, but McShay broke the rule twice, with one of thos moves sending the Bills to the second overall selection in this year's draft.

"This one, I really think, has a high probability of happening," said McShay. "The Giants would get probably two 1s and a 2, or three 1s to move out of this spot. Buffalo has a lot of draft capital."

And when the Bills hit the clock on draft day, McShay believes Josh Allen will be handed the red, white and blue jersey. 

"They move up and get the big strong-arm guy in Josh Allen for that Buffalo weather."

On the other side of the dueling draft, Kiper believes Allen will be going first overall.

"I've had him there since day one, the freakish talent of Josh Allen will wind up at the number one pick."

Safe to say, if this is how draft day goes down, McShay will have bragging rights, but Kiper will say Brandon Beane got a steal in selecting Allen at pick two.* *


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