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Bills Today: Bills new defensive scheme based on clear rules


Here's the Bills news of note for April 6th.

**1 - Bills new defensive scheme based on clear rules

**Over the past two years the Bills had a defensive scheme that was complex and extremely varied. It was designed that way to make it unpredictable and difficult for opposing offenses to diagnose. Unfortunately at times it proved to be just as confusing to the players entrusted with executing it.

Fast forward to Buffalo's new defensive scheme under new head coach Sean McDermott and defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier, and the words being used to describe it are clear and straightforward.

"I'm of the opinion and philosophy suited with 'less is more,'" said McDermott. "Giving the players very clear lines to play. Giving them a set of rules, putting them in a position to be successful, working to their strengths – and when things break down in a game, which they often will, they have rules to fall back on. I just believe that clear expectations, clear lines and letting the players go play and have fun."

Veteran LB Lorenzo Alexander sees this philosophy as a welcome approach for Buffalo's defense after seeing how difficult it was for their defense to execute consistently in 2016.

"Coaches are not out there on Sunday so the scheme can only go so far," said Alexander. "Us as players have to put the onus on us and execute it Monday through Saturday and ultimately on Sunday if we want to win games. I would say 80 percent players, 20 percent coaches. If your players don't execute your scheme I don't care how well you are on the board, you're not going to win games."

**2 - Detailed structure the biggest change

The Bills offseason program is wrapping up its first week of workouts. For the players who were on the roster last year, the way things are being run is in sharp contrast to the previous two seasons.  **"The mindset is a lot more detailed now," said TE Charles Clay in an appearance on the John Murphy Show. "The way that coach McDermott likes to lead is different. It's an adjustment for guys who aren't used to having a guy who is so detail-oriented. That's probably the biggest difference."

Clay said he can't think of another coach in his career that had everything spelled out to the letter as thoroughly as coach McDermott.

"He is by far the most detailed guy I've been around," Clay said. "It's just everything, scheduling, work habits, everything is structured in a manner where it runs smoothly. But at the same time he's the kind of guy you can have a conversation with. He's a really cool guy off the field. So far he's been great to work with. So far I'm enjoying it."

3 - LSU safety prospect helps himself at pro dayHe's seen as one of the top safety prospects in this year's class, but there was a question about LSU S Jamal Adams' cover ability in the wake of his 4.56 40-time at the NFL Combine in early March. Adams put those concerns to rest at LSU's pro day in Baton Rouge.

Adams ran sub-4.4 on some scouts' watches Wednesday, with some reportedly clocking him as low as 4.33. The safety is viewed by some NFL talent evaluators as a hybrid defensive back who can cover in the slot. His sturdy frame has some even wondering if he could play on the boundary in a zone scheme.

Either way Adams is a lock to be a top 10 pick, but the chances of him reaching the Bills appears even slimmer now in the wake of his pro day workout.

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