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Bills Today: Bills QBs work together during open competition


1 - Bills QBs work together during open competitionWith all three quarterbacks in attendance and working out on the field, the Bills can officially say the open competition for the starting job has begun. Although they are all jockeying for the same role, Josh Allen, A.J. McCarron and Nathan Peterman have also started to build a bond between each other. ![](

"They're great. They're two great dudes," said McCarron. "Nate is a walking angel, and he's one of the nicest guys you would ever meet. Josh has been awesome to work with, and I've been trying to help him in every way I can. But we have a really good room. It's a fun thing to be a part of."

"Obviously, it was just me and A.J. for a while before Josh got here, so we had a chance to get to know each other," said Peterman. "I thought it was as good as a transition as I've had before with a guy. And then Josh coming in, I think he's a great kid, seems humble, confident and coming in here learning. He's a smart kid. So, it's been a great room, and coach Daboll and coach Culley and Shea [Tierney] have made that quarterback room fun."

For the youngest QB in the room, Allen is the farthest behind having to learn not only a new playbook, but all about his new teammates and how they play. To him, Peterman and McCarron have been helpful in setting an example on how to process all of it.

"Everybody's going through the same things right now. All the quarterbacks are trying to figure out entirely what's going on with everybody, and that's the tough part about being quarterback. You're supposed to know what everybody is doing on the field. A.J. and Nate have done a really good job. They know what they're doing out there, and they've given me a lot of knowledge and they've helped me along the way."

2 - Bills' captain excited by what he sees at the start of OTAsIt's not what people consider a normal day in Buffalo, but the sun was shining bright on a warm Thursday afternoon for the final day of OTAs this week. The worked out on the grass fields outside the training facility, and for Lorenzo Alexander, he told One Bills Live it made for a great day.

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"It was awesome," said Alexander. "It's always great to go outside, get off this turf especially for my legs and knees and joints. It's so much better to be on grass, outside and really enjoying the weather here in Buffalo this time of year."

Along with what he's doing on the field, Alexander was joined by most of his teammates for OTAs, and he believes that the Bills have been bringing in the right type guys. For that, he gives a lot of credit to Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane.

"I like the guys we've brought in," said Alexander. "I think Sean and Brandon have continued to do a great job of, in their second year, of bringing in men like Tre'Davious White, like Micah Hyde, and they brought the same type of guys the second time around in some veterans and our young guys."

3 - How the Bills are reacting to the new anthem policyWhen the league announced on the new policies that would be enforced for procedure during the national anthem, team owner Kim Pegula also released a statement stating how conversations would be had with the rest of the organization on how to best respond in the future.

Sean McDermott commented on what he talked to Pegula about so far, and what the future of those conversations will look like.

"Yeah, you know, the news is somewhat fresh. Just finishing up practice yesterday and coming off the field and I have had conversations, brief conversations, with Kim," said McDermott. "At this point, those conversations are very early or in their early stages. Wanting to fully understand all of it thoroughly, that's really where we are right now. We'll have those good conversations as we always do; Terry and Kim [Pegula] are very supportive and up to date on this situation in particular. We'll move forward once we've had those internal conversations in more context."

On how McDermott will, and how he will ask his players to respond, this is what he had to say.

"Listen, you've seen how we handled last year's situation and that, we felt, worked well in giving our players the dialogue, the respect of the conversation, and some ownership there," he said. "I anticipate that at some point, just not at this point."

After players left the field Thursday, Lorenzo Alexander spoke to the media regarding what he thinks about the policy changes and how it will affect him and what he does.

"I don't really have much thought about it," said Alexander. "It didn't surprise me at all. Ownership is trying to do what's best in their mind for their business. For me personally, I don't have control over any of that so I'm going to continue to still do the community work, continue to engage the community as we're doing around here, along with the organization and encourage all of our guys around the league to do the same thing. I'm sure somebody around the league will find a different way to still use the platform to make sure the messaging is still getting across some way. But other than that, they're just doing what's in their best interests, and I respect that. It's no problem with me."


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