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Bills Today: Buffalo's QBs are prepared for open competition


1 - Buffalo's QBs are prepared for open competitionWhen players met with media on Tuesday, both Nathan Peterman and A.J. McCarron said they are prepared to play for the team. ![](

Earlier this month, Sean McDermott announced the starting QB job in Buffalo was an open job. Peterman had this to say about the Bills signing McCarron earlier this offseason.

"With all the change that has happened on our team this year, there's a lot of new faces [and] a lot of new people," said Peterman. "For me, football has always been about competing, and I'm always competing, obviously, with other players but also with myself, too. [I'm] just always trying to get better. That was a big focus this offseason. [For myself] the previous months, [I've] just tried to find a way to get better while I was away from here and then same thing the next few months while I'm here."

McCarron understands that, not only have the Bills been visiting with prospective QBs, but one may be drafted to the roster.

"If I create mental clutter for myself, then I can't become the best player, the best teammate that I need to be for this team. I've learned during my whole draft process [that] the draft is a crazy deal; you can never predict it," said McCarron. "All the people that say they can predict it are lying to you; I promise you that. It's just a crazy deal. My focus, like I said, is to be the best leader, the best teammate, the best servant for the guys that are in this locker room, and that's what I'm trying to be. For me to worry about 'ifs' and what could happen, it's just not a part of my DNA. I've never been that way and won't ever do it."

And with the open competition beginning, Peterman says he'll focus on offensive coordinator Brian Daboll's favorite word.

"Improving. That's the word that all the coaches were using, especially coach Daboll - that's his favorite word," said Peterman. "That's what we're going to be focused on throughout these next two months, improving, and really, I feel like that's my mindset always. [I have] kind of an obsession with getting better and you have to have that, I think, that mentality. You never want to be stagnant, just want to be better."

2 - Beane preparing with staff mock drafts
The draft is a week away, and the Bills are preparing to add several prospects to their roster, but Buffalo GM Brandon Beane will be the head of a draft room for the first time.

Beane spent nearly 20 years with the Carolina Panthers organization, serving as director of football operations and assistant general manager during his time down south. Now with the Bills, Beane is getting ready to pick the future of the Bills.

"You think about it all the time, even when you don't want to think about it," said Beane. "We're competitors, and you want to win every pick. You want to feel like, 'Man, we got a steal in the first round.' That's natural; [I] can't always say that it happens that way. There's different things that have been in my head."

Beane said that on Monday, the Bills staff will do mock drafts of their own.

"I'll assign some guys, 'Hey, you're the Browns, you're the Giants, you're the Jets [and] down the line'. Who would you choose based on their needs and what you're hearing out there, the 'chatter' so to speak, just to basically give yourself those scenarios. We'll do that through the first couple rounds, so 12, 22, 53, 56…."

3 - Mock draft has Rosen falling to Buffalo at 12

If you believe the Bills need to trade up to draft one of the big four QBs in the upcoming draft, NFL media analyst Daniel Jeremiah would disagree.

Jeremiah has Darnold going first overall to the Browns and Baker Mayfield going third to the Jets. Allen is picked by the Broncos at five before the Bills are able to nab Rosen at 12.

There's a good chance the Bills will have to trade in front of Miami to ensure they land one of the top four signal-callers, but in this scenario, one of them falls right into their lap.

Then at the 22 spot, Jeremiah has the Bills take the fifth linebacker of the day off the board in Leighton Vander Esch.

Vander Esch has the size, athleticism and versatility to be a playmaker in the Bills' front seven.


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