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Bills Today | CBS Sports' Adam Schein makes this bold prediction for the Bills in 2020


1. CBS Sports' Adam Schein makes this bold prediction for the Bills in 2020

CBS Sports’ Adam Schein, who had high hopes for the Bills this season, believes the Bills will be even better next season.

"I am proud of this team," Schein explained. "You know what, we're not waiting until March for the big predictions. I'm going bold right now. The Buffalo Bills will win the AFC East next year, that's right."

Schein thinks the team can learn from the loss and take it into next season due to a large number of core players returning.

"Josh Allen, defense, growth from this team—they're going to learn from the debacle of blowing a 16-0 lead against the Houston Texans. The core is great, talented and young. The defense is amazing."

2. Brandon Beane on why cap strength is important

General manager Brandon Beane joined the Howard and Jeremy show on WGR to discuss his thoughts on the season and plans for the upcoming free agency and draft period. Even though the Bills reportedly rank third in the league in cap space with close to $89 million dollars, Beane explained that doesn't mean they will spend it all this spring.

"We want to make sure we always have the funds to keep as many of our guys that we have drafted and developed here," Beane said. "Or, maybe it's a young guy that we claimed if we didn't draft him but we like where he is headed, or we traded for him. So, the worst thing we can do is spend too much money in this year or next year, and then in 2022 we have to watch guys walk out or we have to start releasing guys to keep these guys. It's hard to stay in cap strength in this league, especially teams who have to pay a quarterback what they cost."

When asked about if the Bills would trade up in the draft or go after a star player, Beane said it needs to be the right fit. The goal for the current team is to enhance competition, find upgrades at certain spots and increase depth. Beane couldn't point to a number of players the team is away from playing for championships.

"I don't know if it ever makes sense to trade most of your draft or trade an excess amount of future picks into this year and next year," Beane said. "Why you never say never is because we want to always be able to be strong and to draft, develop and sign guys. We're always looking to make plays. That's the other part of having cap strength is if a guy is available that has a hefty contract, that we think can really help us, not that he's the one player that's going to get us all the way there but really make us stronger, I want to be able to do that."

3. ESPN's Field Yates thinks consistency will take Josh Allen far

ESPN’s Field Yates was on One Bills Live this week to share his thoughts on Josh Allen's second season and look into what help Allen needs around him from this year's draft. Yates thinks Allen took big strides forward but still has areas to clean up.

"I just think tightening up a little bit of the consistency week in and week out will take Josh from where he was this year which is a quarterback unquestionably on the rise to a true franchise quarterback," Yates said.

Yates thinks Allen also needs consistency when it comes to his teammates on offense as well as the coaching staff. He sees the new pieces on offense from this season building off of their first year with Allen.

"I think the skill players look pretty good to me," Yates said. "Could you add a wide receiver with a bit more size? Sure, maybe this is a good year to do it. I thought that John Brown and Cole Beasley gave them plenty. Duke Williams certainly had his moments. I think Dawson Knox is going to be a real player for them as well."

When looking at free agency and the draft, Yates likes the addition of another running back to complement Devin Singletary.

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