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Bills Today: CBS Sports NFL analyst optimistic about the Bills future


1 - CBS Sports analyst optimistic about the Bills' futureIn the city of Buffalo, it may feel like the Bills or Sabres is all anyone would ever talk about. But, nationally the teams have not been main stream for years. Now, with the recent changes the organization has made the past few years, including the most recent draft, CBS Sports' NFL analyst Jason La Canfora told One Bills Live that the Bills are a team on the rise. ![](

"Since [Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott] got here, [they] have been very willing to be bold, and aggressive, and proactive," said La Canfora, "And [they made] a series of moves to end up with what they did in the first round, [and it has] has the potential to reshape this franchise for a decade or more to come."

The Bills end the longest drought/streak in pro sports last season, and that comes with the culture change in the locker room and around the city. Now, the goal is to make the Bills a team that is more than just a once every other decade playoff team. He also believes, the Bills may be better off running with their new first rounders in Josh Allen and Tremaine Edmunds sooner rather than later.

"Just trusting the process, and playing your young players and knowing it's not about this particular game, but it's about a Sunday 12 months from now and 24 months from now," said La Canfora. "When we think we'll really be positioned to not only just make a one-year run, but to have sustained excellence. And I walk out on that field and I see Josh Allen, he stands out from everybody else. And you see Tremaine, and you can pick him out from a country mile, and you kind of start to say, 'Ok. Quarterback of the offense, quarterback of the defense.' Physically it's all there. How young they are, how raw they are, it's hard to learn in this league without doing."

2 - Bills added an iron man this offseasonIt's incredible to think that anyone who plays a lineman position could make it through an entire season without needing to miss a game or two, but this offseason Brandon Beane signed a lineman that has played all 16 games for four straight seasons.

Russell Bodine signed with the Bills after longtime Bills center Eric Wood retired from the game of football due to injury. Bodine told One Bills Live that he understands that he's been lucky to have had so much time on the field through his first four seasons in the NFL. 

"Obviously, everybody plays through some stuff, [I had] a little bit of luck along the way. Obviously, that definitely plays a factor with O-linemen. It's kind of hard to control when you're getting rolled up on and stuff like that."

Now, coming into a new offensive scheme and system, along with every other player in Buffalo, Bodine's focus right now is to improve while learning a new playbook. He's doing this while competing with Ryan Groy, who also is taking snaps at center.

"It's a lot going on. I think guys are handling it really well. Guys are working hard, coming in trying to adapt to that new system and getting things going. Like I said, I think we're all going in the right direction, I think everybody's really making an emphasis on putting their time in, making sure they're prepared to go forward."

3 - Peter Schrager wants Bills and Vikings to be next Cavs and Warriors*
*It was rare when the Bills went to four straight Super Bowls. Now in the NBA, we're seeing the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors going at it in the NBA finals for the fourth straight year. Good Morning Football decided to come up with their dream scenarios for an NFL version of the Warriors-Cavs situation.

Peter Schrager decided that after seeing how emotional Eagles fans were after Super Bowl LII, the best-case scenario would be two teams who have never had that feeling.

"Fan bases that want the Super Bowl, but have never had the chance to enjoy it. I want to see them go at it," said Schrager. "So, let's see the Buffalo Bills go up against the Minnesota Vikings. Both teams are 0-4 all time in Super Bowls. Someone has to win. I want to see the four years in a row, Bills-Vikings. Two die-hard fan bases in those cold weather cities. Get them one moment of sun, one moment of joy, one moment of light. Maybe four-in-a-row, who knows."


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