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Bills Today: Chiefs coaches compliment Taylor's QB play


1 - Chiefs coaches compliment Taylor's QB play
A pair of Kansas City Chiefs coaches acknowledged the threat that Tyrod Taylor poses to opposing defenses. Head coach, Andy Reid, and defensive coordinator, Bob Sutton, each have witnessed Taylor's wizardry over the years.![](

Taylor is a two-time Pro Bowl selection (2015, 2016). In 2016, Reid coached the team that Taylor was a part of.

"I had him over at the Pro Bowl. He's a good football player, good kid and he's a Pro Bowl player," said Reid. "He was over there in the Pro Bowl doing his thing."

Sutton, who's in his fifth season as the Chiefs DC, most recently faced Taylor in 2015. The Chiefs prevailed by a score of 30-22, but Taylor was exceptional in that game. He went 21-for-38 passing for 291 yards and threw three touchdowns with zero interceptions. The ever so elusive QB also tacked on five carries for 46 yards.

"He's one of those guys who can be standing this close and you can't get him down. That's one of the real challenges," Sutton said. "Anytime you have a quarterback who can extend plays and make plays and do the things he does it makes it really difficult because it stresses the defense."

"There's the play and then there's the play within the play. Sometimes he makes the play within the play pretty effective. He scrambles more than any quarterback in our league, he's a dangerous guy." 

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2 - White remains relevant for Rookie of the Year
Buffalo's first-round pick in 2017, Tre'Davious White, has been in the Rookie of the Year race all season. He'll continue to make his case for the award on Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs.

According to Pro Football Focus, White's ranked the third-highest rookie after the Week 11 games. Three of the five players at the top of the list are cornerbacks. The top-five includes: Marshon Lattimore (CB), Kareem Hunt (RB), White (CB), Alvin Kamara (RB), and Desmond King (CB). William Moy of PFF broke down White's performance through 10 games.

White has allowed a catch just once per every 13.9 snaps he's spent in coverage this season, the second-best rate among rookies. White holds onto his third spot on this list for another week.* *

*White currently ranks 10th among cornerbacks in terms of overall grade for the season and consistency has been key for the rookie out of LSU. He's finished just one game all season (Week Nine against the Jets) with a game-grade below 70.0. White has been directly responsible for an incompletion on 27.3 percent of the passes targeted into his coverage, the seventh-best rate among all cornerbacks this season. *

The Bills and Chiefs have some history from this year's draft. Buffalo traded their 2017 first-round pick (10th overall) to Kansas City for their 2017 first-round pick (27th overall), third-round pick (91st overall), and a 2018 first-round pick. The Bills eventually selected White with that 27th overall pick.

The blockbuster trade worked out well for both sides. Kansas City got their man in Patrick Mahomes and Buffalo got a promising cornerback in White. Chiefs Head coach, Andy Reid, spoke highly of the Bills first-round selection.

"He's done a good job. A very good job. Sean's [McDermott] moved people around a little bit. That's what he's had to do his first year," Reid said. "But that kid there is a good one, a very good one." 

3 - Hughes' hectic flight to meet his daughter
For eight-year veteran, Jerry Hughes, the team's flight to Los Angeles last Sunday was one that he'll remember the rest of his life. It was a long five-hour trip, but by the end it resulted in the birth of his first daughter, Hayden Robinson Hughes.

Hughes and his wife, Meghan, already have a son named J.R. As he was heading out to L.A. last week on the plane, he found out his wife began having contractions as they were expecting their second child.

"We had been texting the entire five-hour flight. She sent me a text that she was three centimeters dilated and that they were sending her back home at 1 pm," Hughes said. "At about 5:30 pm she was nine centimeters and the baby girl came a minute and 30 seconds later. No time for the doctors to even put on gloves. She was coming that fast. It was really cool. Such a blessing that everything went great. She was able to perform the birth naturally and not have any complications."

While Hughes was on the plane his mother in law kept him abreast of his wife's status. Meanwhile his agent was making plans to have a private jet ready to fly Hughes and his parents back to Texas. Hughes' mom and dad traveled to L.A. for Sunday's game against the Chargers. Unfortunately, between the last time Hughes had spoken to his wife and the time he had landed in L.A., Hayden Robinson was born.

"When we landed, my wife's mom had face timed me and pretty much told me everything that had taken place," he said. "I got to see my daughter on Facetime. So I had missed the birth, but just the point of just wanting to go there and meet her was important."

Despite having a game less than 24 hours later in L.A., Hughes managed to spend four hours with his daughter in Texas on Saturday. After meeting his newborn, he hopped back on the jet and headed to California to play in Sunday's game. For Hughes, those few hours with his newborn daughter gave him some much-needed peace of mind.

"Just being able to kind of be there for her and see her and know that everything is okay at home," he said. "It just allowed me to have a sense of calm and get back to focusing on football and giving my 100-percent devotion to the team and mentally being there."


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