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Bills Today | Cole Beasley explains the Josh Allen effect


1. Cole Beasley explains the Josh Allen effect

Several players have commented on Josh Allen's enhanced leadership skills through an offseason unlike any other. Many have explained Allen has gone the extra mile to make connections with his new teammates when they couldn't be around each other in-person. Wide receiver Cole Beasley said the entire team is feeling confident because of Allen.

"It's really just the confidence factor," Beasley explained. "When you see a guy with a lot of confidence in himself, that kind of drifts to everyone else too as well. It's infectious and anytime you have a guy like that it spreads throughout the team. Everybody's playing confident because the guy who they're looking at to lead us is playing confident. That makes a dangerous team.

"And he's a guy that's unselfish, and he's going to put his body on the line for everybody so everybody will run through a brick wall for him. When you have guys that will do that for a guy, great things happen. That's really where it starts is just his confidence as a young player. Finally having a full season under his belt and having success, and knowing what he can do in this league. He can do damage and knowing how good he can be, but he still works his butt off every day. So if we just follow suit, we'll be fine."

Beasley added Allen is making throws he wouldn't attempt last season. Thanks to Allen's growth and the unending amount of weapons, Beasley thinks there's no limit to how creative the offense can be this season.

2. Christian Wade shares his impressions on Zack Moss

Running back Christian Wade thinks his knowledge and skillset in football are far better this season than last. Wade is in his second season with the Bills as part of the International Player Pathway program. Prior to joining the NFL, the England native spent several years as a professional rugby player.

The running back said rookie Zack Moss has helped Wade's knowledge grow.

"Me and Zack are actually pretty tight," Wade explained. "Obviously I'm still classed as a rookie so we would do virtual meetings throughout the spring together. So we've already kind of built up a rapport and a relationship. He's really been helping me with my game and stuff, and I've been really impressed with the way that he's come in and obviously taken a handle on the playbook. And he's already out there, making some good runs, making people miss, and just really looking forward to when the games actually start."

Moss had an impressive practice on Tuesday. The running back showcased his athleticism by catching a couple passes from Allen and broke a few tackles on different run plays.

3. How Cole Beasley has changed this year

Wide receiver Cole Beasley feels different as he enters his ninth season in the league. One reason is his health. Beasley explained this is the first offseason in a while where he hasn't had to recover from injury.

"This is the first full offseason I've had in forever, which is kind of crazy to think about," Beasley said. "I finally got a chance to heal and just get my body ready. This is probably the best I've felt in five years, to be honest. I know my age is getting up there, but I feel a lot better at 31 right now than I did at 26. So that's helped more than anything."

Beasley has fresh legs and a fresh mind. The wide receiver said he read a couple books, which helped something click in his mind that hadn't before. Beasley admitted he used to care about stats and what people outside of the team thought of him. Since reading those books, his mindset has changed.

"I just made it up in my mind that nobody matters except for my teammates, my family and that's it," Beasley explained.

This new realization has given the vet a lot of clarity.

"I've had time to grow," Beasley said. "Now it's just doing my part and giving the best I can out there. I know one-on-one, in my mind, nobody is going to really cover me so as long as I know what I am that's all that matters to me. I don't need numbers to really prove that."

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