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Bills Today: Dawkins learning from Jerry Hughes


Here's the Bills news of note for June 23rd. 

**1 - Dawkins learning from Jerry Hughes

The Buffalo Bills selected OL Dion Dawkins in the second round of the 2017 NFL Draft. At Temple University, Dawkins had experience playing multiple positions on the offensive line.

With the Bills so far, Dawkins was playing with the first team unit at the left tackle position. Cordy Glenn was still rehabbing to get ready for training camp.

Dawkins recently appeared on the John Murphy Show where he discussed what it is like to go against guys like Jerry Hughes in the NFL.

"Well, because I've been practicing with the vets. Guys like Jerry and playing next to Richie has truly helped me. If I could say one thing, Jerry [Hughes] is different," Dawkins said. "I've been playing against that guy every day and every snap. Just watching how he practices, keeps me practicing at a high level. If I am not staying square or if I turned a little bit too early, it's over. I just know from playing against guys like that, I have to be at my best every day. That just puts me in a future mindset that if I do play this year or when I do play, I have to be at my best every play or every second."

With Glenn expected to come back, Dawkins is still trying to find his role. He will have to be versatile.

"Well, because of my college career, I'm more comfortable right now at left tackle. I know that Coach Juan has mentioned to me that I am going to have to learn both left and right tackle," said Dawkins. "As of today, I feel comfortable more at left tackle because of the reps."

**2 - Andre Holmes standing out

Get to know the Buffalo Bills wide receiver corps.

During the free agency portion of the offseason program, the Bills were able to land wide receiver Andre Holmes previously of the Oakland Raiders. While Holmes had 14 catches in each of the last two years, NFL.Com's, Connor Orr, believes he may be able to contribute on the Bills roster.

After not signing Jeremy Maclin, here is what Orr had to say about Holmes thus far:

A team in Buffalo's situation cannot be picky. Sammy Watkins floated in and out of workouts last week, still recovering from a foot injury. Zay Jones hurt his knee in rookie camp. These are sometimes the openings created when timing and opportunity collide.

Coaches this time of year tend to talk up the players on the bottom half of their roster for a myriad of reasons. Holmes, who is also busting his hump on special teams, could also be a solid example for the younger players on rookie contracts. After watching the franchise tinker with Watkins for the last few years, he just may want to highlight someone in a position to be hungry. Either way, the **Bills* *are going to need bodies, and if Holmes continues to impress he might be in line to surprise early in 2017.

Holmes will be a name to follow through training camp. Here is where you can find the full article.

3 - PFF praises Lorenzo Alexander again
Pro Football Focus recently posted an info graph to their Twitter page where they display the top three edge rushers who recorded a batted pass. While edge rusher's primary goal is to get to the quarterback, they are meant to create disruption. 

A batted pass is a statistic that demonstrates disruption. Of course the key to a batted pass is timing one's jump to put one's self in the path of the pass attempt and force an incompletion. Lorenzo Alexander came right behind Carlos Dunlap and Jason Pierre-Paul last season with five batted passes.

With Lorenzo having a breakout season last year, the Bills hope that his presence continues to deliver impact plays for the defense.

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