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Bills Today: Devin Singletary: Sky's the limit


1. Devin Singletary: Sky's the limit

Devin Singletary is ready to run. Singletary returned from a hamstring injury last week and had 11 carries in the Week 7 win over Miami. A week later, Singletary says he is feeling great after playing it safe with his rehab process.

"As far as last week I had to get back in the groove of things like being hit and trying to make people miss," Singletary said.

Last week's 11 carries was Singletary's lowest workload since high school. In three seasons at Florida Atlantic University he ran it 714 times for 4,287 yards.

"I definitely feel fresh because I couldn't run how I wanted to, so I was definitely getting rested," Singletary said. "I guess that's a good way to look at it. It kind of played out for the better and I'm fresh now so sky's the limit."

Working through the injury process has been difficult but luckily, he has a future Pro Football Hall of Famer to lean on. What Frank Gore is doing is nothing short of amazing, Singletary says. He applauds him for being able to play 15 years in the NFL.

"Frank was always in my ear just saying be smart, be patient, everything will work out," Singletary said. "I haven't been injured often so that was different for me. So seeing it from a different side of things, Frank was always there for me in a positive way."

2. Bills won't take Eagles lightly

The Eagles have lost by a combined 45 points their last two games, most recently a 37-10 loss to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football to move Philadelphia to 3-4 on the season. Despite recent struggles, the Bills aren't taking their opponents lightly.

"Elite quarterback, dangerous offense, dangerous football team," head coach Sean McDermott said. "They played in a lot of primetime games a lot of big platform games, got a lot of big names on that team and a talented roster."

The Eagles are on their second two-game losing streak of the season. They lost to the Falcons and Lions in Weeks 2 and 3. Philadelphia responded with a 34-27 win over Green Bay in Week 4.

"We respect every opponent," McDermott said. "This is a really good football team and they go to Green Bay coming off a similar situation and beat Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay, that's not easy to do. That's a sign of a good football team. We respect every team and focus on one week at a time and we focus on ourselves improving every week."

3. Cole Beasley and Brian Daboll collaborated on his first touchdown of the season

Cole Beasley detailed his first touchdown as a Buffalo Bill in the latest episode of the 17 Weeks podcast.

"Something I saw earlier in the game; we were in the red zone on a two-point conversion. I saw how the defense was playing and I went to [Brian] Daboll and it was a play that we knew we had going into the game. I told him 'next time we get down there we got it if you need it.' So, then we got down there and he gave me the opportunity and they played exactly the same way they did before. So, it worked out. I was just glad to finally get in there. It's been a long time since I reached the end zone. So, I was just happy to get my feet back in there a little bit," Beasley said.

Beasley has 30 catches for 283 yards and one touchdown on the year. He has been responsible for 15 first downs and averages 9.4 yards per reception.

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