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Bills Today: DiMarco & McDermott share similar experience


1 - DiMarco and McDermott share similar experience
The Bills first-year fullback, Patrick DiMarco, will face his former team Sunday when Buffalo travels to Atlanta to take on the Falcons. His last season in Atlanta was a memorable one. It ended with an NFC Championship and a trip to the Super Bowl.

Head coach Sean McDermott can relate with his new fullback. He was on the wrong end of Super Bowl 50 and DiMarco came up short in Super Bowl 51. Now that the two are together, they'll utilize those experiences here in Buffalo. [internal-link-placeholder-0]

"We've touched the subject a little bit, a little bit of common ground. Two years ago I was in a similar position… last year, with his experience, there's a lot we can learn from those experiences," McDermott said. "We've touched the subject, with respect to that as well, 'Hey, what would you have done differently, in terms of as a team, what was said.' Those are things we can use for our team moving forward… because the best way is to learn from other people's situations. That's what we try and do here."

DiMarco joined The John Murphy Show earlier this week to discuss the Super Bowl loss and life in Buffalo.

"The past is the past. It stung for several months… hopefully I get there again and get my chance to redeem myself," DiMarco said.

The six-year veteran is coming from a big city in Atlanta. He likes the change of scenery and what blue-collar Buffalo has to offer.

"This fan base is incredible. It almost reminds me of playing in a college game," DiMarco said. "It's wild and crazy."


2 - Heat helped Hauschka have big game**
In one of the hottest home games ever in Orchard Park, Stephen Hauschka relished the opportunity. His best game in a Bills uniform earned him AFC Special Teams Player of the Week.

Earlier in the week on The John Murphy Show, Hauschka mentioned how the heat played to his favor.

"It really does help. You get a few extra yards when it's warm like that. That ball just carries, it compresses. The way the ball works you've got to compress it and then it takes off. When it's colder it doesn't compress as well," he said.

Hauschka had a huge impact in the team's win over the Denver Broncos. In total, he put the ball through the uprights six times. He chipped in two extra points and nailed four field goals. His most notable makes were from 53 and 55-yards out.

"It feels good anytime you can help your team out like that. I try to do that every week, but sometimes you get more opportunities than others," he said. "I do love it when I can really help the team get a victory."

3 - Wood explains struggles in ground game
After a solid showing in Week One the Bills ground game has been nonexistent. It's bizarre to see LeSean McCoy struggle in back to back games. The blame doesn't all fall on McCoy though. His line of support up front knows they need to do better to re-establish a presence on the ground.

"Very important… our defense has been playing incredible but against an offense like this we need to establish a ground game. We need to do a better job than we have been doing the past couple of weeks. And they have a good run defense, it is going to be no easy task," Eric Wood said.

McCoy might not be producing well on the ground, but he's still extremely valuable on the field. His potential to break a run at any given second draws attention from opposing defenders. Regardless, the Bills can't put pressure each week on the passing game.

Wood, the team's nine-year center, is aware of what needs to be done to get McCoy going.

"I would say we need to block better. We need to do a better job opening holes," he said.

This week's test is the Atlanta Falcons. Their run defense is no chump, holding opposing rushers to 66, 35, and 47-yards this season.



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