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Bills Today: Former NFL executive praises the Bills


1 - Former NFL executive praises the Bills
The Buffalo Bills turned some heads with their performance last Sunday. The 26-16 victory over the Denver Broncos put the Bills in first place in the AFC East.

On 'The Ringer NFL Show,' Michael Lombardi and Tate Frazier applauded what the Bills have done through three weeks. [internal-link-placeholder-0]

"I think the Buffalo Bills are good. I've said it before, I think Sean McDermott is a really good coach. I've been a huge fan of McDermott since the day he got there," Lombardi said.

Prior to the Week Three game, quarterback Tyrod Taylor was receiving some criticism. That mostly strung off of the Bills three-point performance against the Carolina Panthers. His strong showing against the Broncos quickly made people forget about the Panthers game.

"I was really impressed with Tyrod Taylor. When he's out in space it's like Russell Wilson, they play in a very similar style. He looks like he's in complete command of that offense and he's fun to watch. They're a scary team when Tyrod's playing like he did [Sunday]," Frazier said.

It's early, but the Bills are neck and neck with the New England Patriots. Lombardi sees the Bills as a threat to end the Patriots streak of winning eight straight AFC East division titles.

"I think this Bills team is going to give the Patriots troubles… I think they're very well coached, they have a very good culture," Lombardi said. "I think they're building something bigger than everybody sees. They're sneaky good. I like Buffalo."

2 - Frazier recognizes threats on Atlanta's offense
The past two weeks the Bills have taken on some skilled offenses. This Sunday they'll square off against the Atlanta Falcons, likely the most skilled of the bunch. Defensive coordinator, Leslie Frazier, understands what the reigning NFC champions are capable of.

"We're facing one of the premier quarterbacks in our league. MVP a season ago, led the team to the Super Bowl. And arguable the best wide receiver in are league, in Julio Jones. This will be a tremendous challenge for are defense, [facing] a high-scoring offense, a top-10 offense," Frazier said.

Julio Jones and Matt Ryan are the stars of that prolific offense. The Bills DC is aware that the weapons go further than Jones and Ryan.

"Well that's the challenge. Every defense goes through this when they get ready to play the Falcons. It's not just Matt Ryan, it's not just Julio Jones. Those are the stars, but they've got other players," Frazier said. "They're got a good running game. They've got a good offensive line. They've got other wide receivers who make big plays. The challenge for every defense that plays them is not to just get preoccupied with one guy."

The Bills defense respectively ranks sixth in the league, but the Falcons counter that with a top-five offense.

"We'll learn a lot about ourselves on defense. In their environment as well, it will be a good challenge for us," Frazier said.

3 - McDermott holds unwavering confidence in his playersIt's only been three games, but after a full offseason, training camp and a preseason, head coach Sean McDermott loves the construct of his 53-man roster. He believes he has a strong mix of young and veteran players, as well as the right type of players who know the commitment it takes to grind out victories.

"I have a lot of confidence in our guys," McDermott said. "I have a lot of confidence in this football team. I really do. I said it the other day, and I stand by it. I have a lot of confidence in the guys in this locker room."

Much was made when players like Sammy Watkins and Ronald Darby were traded away in the summer and free agents like Robert Woods and Marquise Goodwin weren't re-signed. McDermott wasn't focused on names as much as he was the approach to the game in the individual.

"We're building a team. That's not a team on paper, it's a team of human beings that love to compete, and they support one another," he said. "They work on becoming better every day, and this is not to say those other guys don't or didn't. I wish them the best, but I know what we have in that locker room. There's no other locker room I'd rather be in than with those guys."



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