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Bills Today: How difficult is Buffalo's 2018 schedule?


1 - How difficult is Buffalo's 2018 schedule?With the NFL's schedule officially released yesterday, one must wonder how difficult the team's schedule is compared to the rest of the NFL. To rank teams, the combined 2017 record of all 16 opponents and their combined winning percentages are compiled to determine schedule difficulty. ![](

The Bills have the 18th most difficult schedule in the NFL. The Bills 2018 opponents had a combined record of 127-129, a win percentage of 49.6%. Five of the games the Bills play this season will be against teams that made the playoffs last season (Titans, Jaguars, Vikings and the Patriots twice.) Three more games will be played against teams with a winning record (Ravens, Lion and Chargers.)

In the AFC East, only the Dolphins have a schedule considered more difficult than the Bills' – tied for 15th with the Cowboys and the 49ers. The Patriots' schedule is ranked 22nd in the NFL, and the Jets' schedule ranked 25th.   

2 - GMFB weighs in on the Bills QB situation
On Good Morning Football, the question of, 'Can the Bills draft be considered successful if they don't draft a franchise QB?', was passed around. For GMFB host, Kyle Brandt, he has faith in A.J. McCarron.

"First thing first, A.J. McCarron might be pretty good," said Brandt. "Let me just put that out there. The Buffalo Bills were in a road playoff game going neck and neck with a very good Jacksonville team, with Tyrod Taylor. A.J McCarron, I think, is going to be better than Tyrod Taylor and he doesn't need to be that much better… A.J. McCarron can get them to the playoffs. There's my hot take."

McCarron may have experience in the NFL, along with nearly beating the Pittsburgh Steelers in an AFC wild card game in 2016, but Peter Schrager wants the Bills to go for the "home run."

"Can the Bills go and make the trade and get the quarterback?" asked Schrager. "I want them to go make that play for a quarterback whether it be Baker Mayfield, whether it be Josh Allen. I'm not saying go to six, or go to five. Go for the one or the two pick… Finally have your guy. Not since Jim Kelly, has that organization had the guy."

Brandon Beane did discuss his thoughts about finding a franchise QB during his press conference on Monday.

"You've got to have a franchise quarterback," said Beane. "That's one of the main jobs of a GM is to find a franchise quarterback, it's a quarterback league, I'll say it every single time. You have to have one."

The same question GMFB asked on the show, was answered by Beane on Monday. Can the Bills draft be considered successful if they don't draft a franchise QB?

"Yes," said Beane.

3 - Who is the best undrafted Buffalo Bill of all time?The NFL draft begins in one week and there are hundreds of players hoping for their name to be called. But every year, after the draft there are leftover prospects. Sometimes, those prospects end up being steals on the free agent market.

ESPN compiled a list of the greatest undrafted players in each franchise's history. For the Bills, the greatest undrafted success was center, Kent Hull.

Hull's three Pro Bowls with the Bills are tied for second among undrafted players to have played for Buffalo, and his longevity with the team makes him the choice over other candidates such as Fred Jackson, Tony Greene and Booker Edgerson. After beginning his career in the United States Football League, Hull spent 11 seasons snapping to Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly from 1986 through 1996. Hull, who died in 2011, is a member of the Bills' wall of fame and 50th anniversary team.

Apart of the team during their historic four consecutive Super Bowl appearances, Hull will go down as one of the greatest offensive linemen in Bills history. And they never had to use a draft pick.


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