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Bills Today | How Dion Dawkins shared his special moment with family and teammates


1. Dawkins feeling the love from his teammates and family after signing extension

Bills left tackle Dion Dawkins inked a four-year extension on Thursday that runs through the 2024 season. Dawkins in entering his fourth season and last year on his rookie contract. The left tackle is the first in Sean McDermott's initial draft class to sign a long-term extension. Dawkins said the first person he called after he signed the contract was his mother.

"I called her, and she had no idea," Dawkins said. "I called her and when I saw her face, I just broke out crying. She was worried. She was like, 'Dion, what's wrong? What's the matter?' And of course my mother was like, 'Dion, do I have to come up there right now?' I was like, 'No, these are happy tears.' I told her and she said, 'Dion, you did it.' beyond, but you did it. I corrected her and said, 'Mom, I didn't do it yet. Until we all win, I will truly win.' She broke out in tears. It's an unexplainable moment and unexplainable experience."

After talking to his mom, his teammates were there to congratulate him and remind Dawkins of how important he is to the team.

"It's extremely emotional," Dawkins explained. "Nothing but love, respect, just well deserved. It just shows that my peers here, they see how hard I work, and they're happy for me. There's no hate, guys are showing nothing but love, genuine love. They are just saying everything, 'Listen Dion you deserve everything and you deserve more. You're a leader, and we love you.' They appreciate me, they're happy for my family, they're happy for me personally me and happy for this program and blessed to have me here. I'm nothing but blessed, truly blessed. I'm just nothing but thankful. This is my team and officially my family now."

2. How Josh Allen has evolved as a QB

As Josh Allen's third season as an NFL quarterback is set to kickoff in September, the Bills quarterback believes he has evolved into a smarter, more experienced player. Allen shared that his offensive coordinator Brian Daboll and quarterbacks coach Ken Dorsey are two vital people who have helped him develop into the quarterback he is today.

"How I evolve, playing the game mentally a lot better, understanding my offense to the best that I can," Allen explained. "Understanding the ins and outs of the protection, where I'm hot, understanding what the defense can do in a certain play, which would cause us problems. And if I need to get out of that play, let's get out of that play.

"But you pair that with the good relationship that I have with coach Daboll and coach Dorsey, and understanding what plays I do and don't like. Coach Daboll is going to call the games the right way for me. I'm going to be able to go out there and execute them the right way. And not only that, just the guys that we have on offense now. Just understanding that when I get them the ball, good things happen. So we're going to try to do that as swiftly and as often as we can."

3. How McDermott attacked quarantine

Just like us, Bills head coach Sean McDermott spent several months at home in quarantine because of COVID-19. Through lots of family time and several Zoom meetings with his team, McDermott wanted to use the time at home to learn.

"I learned a lot about myself," McDermott explained. "Just going through the quarantine, the months of quarantine that I didn't think I knew about myself before. That's what happens when you step into a fire in some ways and you come out. Having learned a little bit more about yourself, that was one of my goals for the quarantine. That when I look back on it, I will want to be able to say that I handled it the right way."

McDermott said one thing he learned was that even he needs some interaction once in a while. His quarterback, Josh Allen, said McDermott was a true leader through the time and found a way to make every Zoom meeting beneficial.

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