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Bills Today | How many touchdowns will Stefon Diggs produce this season?


1. How many touchdowns will Stefon Diggs produce this season?

We all know the addition of wide receiver Stefon Diggs will add another needed wrinkle to the Bills offense. What we don't know is just how big of an impact he'll have in 2020. NFL Network's Cynthia Frelund shares her prediction for Diggs' stat line this season based off her analytical research.

"Well it's really exciting for Brian Daboll because we've seen him be super creative with Josh Allen and now he has two legitimate deep threats," Frelund said. "If you look to see last season Josh Allen only completed 4 of 37 deep passes to receivers other than John Brown. So Brian Daboll is going to say, 'Hey what did he do in Minnesota? Those play-action passes are going to work. We have two legitimate wide deep threats.' He's going to have so much fun planning for Josh Allen. And for me that nets in a projection for wide receiver No. 25, Stefon Diggs, 72 receptions, 910 yards and five touchdowns."

2. Kim Jones: I am an enormous Leslie Frazier fan

NFL Network’s Kim Jones joined One Bills Live this week to share why she thinks the Bills are in a better position to win this season. Jones said it's the coaching staff, coupled with the players that will make this team so hard to beat come Week 1.

"I think the Bills are terrific," Jones said. "I think the leadership there and the stability it provides with Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott is outstanding. I am an enormous Leslie Frazier fan. Brian Daboll is proving himself to be top notch when it comes to helping mold a young quarterback in an offense that, now you guys know better than I do, gets all that more explosive with Stefon Diggs and some of the other additions. I do think Diggs has to stand on his own in that sentence because he's that good, especially when you combine him with John Brown and Cole Beasley."

Jones also added that she thinks the maturation of linebacker Tremaine Edmunds is one example why the defense is on their way to seeing more success.

3. National media still riding with the Bills

Former NFL player and current NFL insider Ross Tucker joined One Bills Live this week to weigh in on the discussion of who's the favorite to win the AFC East. Tucker claims he has been feeling it's the Bills division to win this season for a while.

"I think the Bills are the favorites," Tucker said. "I thought the Bills were the favorites before all these opt outs. The Cam Newton news didn't change it that much for me."

Tucker is choosing the Bills because of their depth.

"I think it's the Bills time," Tucker said. "I think Brandon Beane has done a terrific job. I think the Bills have a beautiful roster. The Star [Lotulelei] news hurts for sure, but that's why they have Vernon Butler. If you look the Bills have depth everywhere. It's the best roster they've had in a while. I think Josh Allen takes a step forward."

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