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Bills Today | Josh Allen: That's just how I lead


1. Josh Allen: That's just how I lead

Bills quarterback Josh Allen sat down with senior NFL writer for Yahoo Spots Kimberley A. Martin to discuss his thoughts on the team midway through the season, his growth since his rookie year and more. Allen believes the best is yet to come with the talent level of the offense.

"I think the best thing right now is we've played some good football games, but we haven't put everything together yet," Allen said. "I think that when we can take care of the football, when we can run our routes on the outside and make some plays there, get our running game going, when we get all those things going, I think we can be really good. But at the same time, we're not really trying to be the best offense in the league. We are trying to be the best team in the league. I think we've got a lot of guys with the same mindset. I think when you've got a lot of guys with the same mindset, working for the same goal, you're usually going to have success."

Allen is working on being more successful in keeping himself safe this year when it comes to his run game. The quarterback thinks he has done a better job at hitting the ground before taking unnecessary hits.

"I've made a concerted effort this year, I think compared to last year," Allen explained. "I've been getting down when I need to, but that competitor in me still wants to go that extra yard and make a guy miss to get the first down. When it's first and second down, I feel like I've done a good job of getting down and trying to avoid some hits. Then on third down or on fourth down, especially near the goal line sticking the ball out and opening myself to bigger hits. That's just how I lead. That's how I show my guys how bad I want to win football games."

The makeup of the team, whether it's players who were allowed to walk from previous teams or players who were doubted, are finding success together on a team that doesn't get much attention from the national media.

"We're just a group of guys that maybe teams didn't want that came to Buffalo and wanted to put their heads down and work hard," Allen said. "That's just kind of how this community is as well. It's a hard-working community that doesn't get a lot of praise, that in the media has a bad rap. I think the players are the same way here. We're just gritty."

This determined team has a strong message for the world.

"We don't want to make them hear us, we want to make them feel us," Allen said. "I think that's what we are trying to prove."

2. Dion Dawkins to host Shnow Gala for Rooted in Love on Friday

Bills left tackle Dion Dawkins joined WGR on Tuesday to talk about his Shnow Gala on Friday and his take on the 5-2 Bills. After Sunday's loss to the Eagles, Dawkins has learned to not let the losses define him.

"In this league, as you grow, you just learn how to let it go," Dawkins said. "You don't hold onto it; you don't let it linger. You just let it move on because if you let it linger, it will affect you in that next week. We have a whole new team coming in here this week and that's really our main focus."

As the Bills hit Week 9, Dawkins likes what he has seen from his teammates.

"I love everything about this team," Dawkins said. "I love the coaches, I love the players, I love the quarterback. With being 5-2, that's one heck of a record for a team that people don't show too much respect for. I can't be any happier for the position that we're in. We have the opportunity to be 1-0 every week, if we just do things the right way without beating ourselves."

On Friday, Nov. 1, Dawkins is hosting his Shnow Gala. It's a black tie fundraiser for Rooted in Love, a nonprofit that works with providing necessities to the homeless. The event will be located at The BFLO Store Event Center at Eastern Hills Mall. You can purchase tickets to the event by clicking here.

3. Siran Neal makes this list with his performance on Sunday

Siran Neal made his presence known on special teams against the Eagles forcing a fumble on punt team. The highlight earned Neal a spot on PFF’s Week 8 Team of the Week.

Neal forced a fumble running with the punt team against Philadelphia to start the fourth quarter, but Josh Allen & Co. couldn't turn the turnover into points.

Through seven games, Neal has 23 total tackles, 17 of which are solo and one forced fumble.

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