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Bills Today: Kelly undergoes another surgery in road to recovery


1 - Kelly undergoes another surgery in road to recovery

The Buffalo Bills legend is continuing his fight against cancer. Jim Kelly, and his wife Jill, made their way to New York City this week for a follow-up oral surgery.

In an Instagram post back in May, Jill Kelly said that there was going to be another surgery around this time, and had this to say about the procedure.

"The plan at this point is that he will have surgery in mid-June to lessen the "skin flap" bulk in his mouth, as well as put implants into his upper jaw," wrote Jill Kelly. "And then there will be more healing and waiting and then another surgery and possibly upper teeth sometime in September."

After the surgery, Jill Kelly updated her Instagram followers including a picture of her holding her husband's hand.

"Out of surgery and in recovery," wrote Jill Kelly. "Still in a lot of pain, but everything went well. Thank GOD! No teeth yet, but 5 implants were inserted into the new bone in Jim's upper jaw. More technical than I can explain..."

Jim Kelly announced at his golf tournament earlier this month that he will be receiving the Jimmy V Award for Perseverance at the 2018 ESPYS. As he remains a beacon of hope for many in his fight, Jill Kelly added a reminder at the end of her most recent update on the Hall of Fame QB.

"Never take it for granted! Glory to God!"

2 - What advice did Michael Strahan give Josh Allen?

For any rookie coming in to the NFL, eyes must widen when you're coming face to face with the names you grew up watching and hearing about. That was no different for the Bills first pick in the 2018 draft, Josh Allen. The young quarterback did a roundtable interview with Sports Illustrated TV where he revealed that he even received advice from one of those big-name players. It was Pro Football Hall of Famer, Michael Strahan.

"He obviously had a tremendous career, and what he's doing now is pretty awesome," said Allen. "He's very apparent, always appearing on tv."

When Strahan was in the league, like every other player, he faced criticism. As a rookie, especially as a rookie quarterback, Allen will be under the microscope like never before. Strahan gave the Bills QB advice on how to deal with that side of the game.

"The thing with him was that he and his family were always paying attention to the newspaper, and social medias and stuff like that," said Allen. "And being in the New York market, 90 percent of it was going to be negative, no matter how great he was going to be doing. So, what he told me was, 'After I stopped reading all that stuff, I just tuned it out completely, kept to me, my family and my teammates, I felt like a different man. I was playing for the right reasons in that situation.'"

3 - Two Bills are rated in the 90s in Madden 19

For the gamers in Bills Mafia, it's always nice when the team you like to watch is also fun to play as. At least on the defensive side, that very much looks like it could be the case when playing as the Bills in Madden 19.

When the game comes out on August 10, the Bills will have one of the strongest defensive backfields in the game with the help of their two safeties Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde.

According to Sporting News, of the eight safeties in the game to have 90 or higher rating in the game, the Bills are the only team to have two of their players in that category.

Hyde, who received a Pro Bowl selection and was ranked as the 62nd best player in the NFL by his peers was given a 91-overall rating. Probably thanks to his five interceptions and 65 tackles in the season. Poyer, who in his first season with the Bills – and in his first season next to Hyde – complemented number 23 extremely well with five picks, and 62 tackles. He will hit the virtual field with a 90 overall.

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