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Bills Today: LaAdrian Waddle looking to make most of his opportunity


1 - LaAdrian Waddle looking to make most of his opportunity

LaAdrian Waddle is the newest member of the Bills offensive line but one thing he has felt in the past is overlooked. Waddle grew up in Columbus, Texas a town about an hour west of Houston with a total of 4,000 people he estimates. If you're driving along the Texas highways you could blink and miss it, Waddle says.

Waddle was also undrafted coming out of Texas Tech in 2012. He was named to the first team All-Big 12 that season, but still couldn't turn the eyes of scouts and ended up signing with the Detroit Lions in 2013. By Week 8 of his rookie season he proved his doubters wrong and became the starting right tackle. Now in Buffalo, Waddle gets a chance to prove himself again working under Bobby Johnson his line coach in Detroit.

Waddle has been a leader since high school. He would call out formations and set the offense up since the team had a young quarterback. Waddle doesn't think too much of what he did back then, but his awareness of everyone's assignment is a trait he's kept throughout his professional career.

"I like to be involved, I like to see the big picture," Waddle said in an appearance on One Bills Live. "I like to see the kind of routes guys are running and being a player on a team where all 11 guys have to work together to get stuff done is important. Obviously, I have my job and I have to do that but being aware what guys have to do and what their responsibilities are has to benefit."

Waddle has spent the past four seasons as a member of the Patriots. He was been in three Super Bowls, winning two, and wants to take that experience with him to the Bills. Part of his decision to come to Buffalo was the growth and progress being made by the franchise.

Since Waddle does have the two rings on his fingers, players could ask Waddle what it takes to get to the Super Bowl. Waddle stresses the importance of not only being physically tough but mentally tough as well.

His role with the team isn't set and will only be finalized once the fall rolls around. Waddle is eager to get started in a few weeks as players begin to come back from the offseason.

2 - Leslie Frazier's goal to bring a championship to Buffalo

Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier has two Super Bowl rings. One as a player with the 1985 Bears and one as an assistant coach with the Colts in 2006. Frazier got his first gig as a head coach when the Vikings named him an interim for the final six games in 2010. Frazier remained the head coach until 2013. Frazier was fired and set a goal to get back to that position in 2013, now in 2019 Frazier's goals have changed and he wants to bring Buffalo its first championship.

"That's been kind of an evolution," Frazier told The Buffalo News. "Things have changed from where I was in 2013 to where I am now, in 2019, a little bit different stage of my career. So my goals have shifted a little bit. There was a time it was very important to me to get back to being a head coach again. Now, if we could win a championship in Buffalo and ride off into the sunset, I'd be so, so happy, man. Because when you look at what happened when we made the playoffs and you look at the response that we got in Buffalo, can you imagine if we win a world championship in Buffalo?"

"I'd be thrilled if that were to happen. I could care less about being a head coach. We bring a championship to Buffalo? Wow!"

There's no knowing if Frazier would make the Bills do a remake of the infamous "Super Bowl Shuffle" he did while with the Bears, but the coach has taken a lot from some of his former teammates and coaches like Mike Ditka, Tony Dungy and Andy Reid. Frazier still thinks the '85 Bears have the best defense of all-time but maybe those thoughts would change if he does bring that trophy to Orchard Park.

3 - Levi Wallace one of the top-ranked corners

The undrafted rookie from Alabama made a splash for the Bills in his first season. Wallace came to Buffalo and once he was given the starting role at cornerback immediately shined in a secondary already with players like Tre'Davious White and Micah Hyde. White played in and started in seven games for Buffalo this season recording 37 total tackles and three passes defended. Pro Football Focus showed off his true impact and where he stands among corners.

Wallace finished first in yards allowed per coverage snap, second in coverage snaps per receptions allowed and 36th in passer rating when targeted. Basically, opposing quarterbacks did not throw at Wallace and when they did Wallace was one of the best at limiting yards allowed and completions as a whole.

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