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Bills Today: McCoy sees potential in Bills QB competition


1 - McCoy sees potential in Bills QB competition"All the quarterbacks have something special. I mean, you see it each day," said LeSean McCoy.

With the veterans about set to wrap up OTAs, it's good to hear that the backbone of the Bills offense for the past three seasons is liking what he sees from the three candidates, one of whom will take over as the starting QB. ![](

The veteran running back is entering his fourth consecutive year in Buffalo with a new offensive coordinator, but for the first time in that span, his QB will not be named Tyrod Taylor. Still, he believes that there is talent in the guys Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott have brought to the roster.

On Nathan Peterman"He's a heck of a player… Actually, just watching him play since he was a rookie, he's smart and he's growing each day," said McCoy.

On A.J. McCarron"I'm good friends with A.J. Green and we talked over the offseason when the deal went down, I reached out to him first," said McCoy. "I called him, 'Hey man, what are we getting?' Which everybody does that… But A.J., he's honest with me. Said that A.J. (McCarron) is a heck of a player, plays hard, he's going to know the offense, make the right reads, as long as guys help him out he should be fine."

On Josh Allen"I got to be honest," said McCoy. "He's pretty good, and I'm not a big fan of rookies… He's good, he's smart. He has to learn of course. He throws some passes that probably shouldn't have been thrown. But other than that, he has a strong arm, very intelligent."

2 – BR: Bills' first round picks will make an impactWhen Brandon Beane entered the Bills' war room in late April, he didn't expect to come out with the two first round picks he ended up with. One or the other? Sure. But, Beane was happy to select, not only a quarterback of the future in Josh Allen, but a future leader of the defense in linebacker Tremaine Edmunds.

Since the two have made their way to One Bills Drive, both have spent their time studying, working hard and beginning to understand what it will take to be the leaders this team needs. Bleacher Report has taken note of this as well, calling both Edmunds and Allen potential impact players next season.

In the case of Allen, even though it is possible he starts off in a backup or third string role, he still may see the field at some point for the team.

Josh Allen won't start all 16 games, but he made the list because there's no position more important than quarterback.…

Wins and stellar play by McCarron would keep Allen on the sideline, but… it's only a matter of time before Allen takes live snaps.

And even though the Bills selected Edmunds nine picks after Allen, the rookie LB is already running with the Bills first team offense and is projected to be a Week One starter.

Preston Brown started 62 games at linebacker over the last four years but signed with the Cincinnati Bengals in the offseason, leaving a vacant spot for the rookie in the middle…

*Edmunds has already shown traits coaches want in their quarterback of the defense, which include leadership skills and a strong understanding of schemes. McDermott may utilize Edmunds to strengthen the pass rush if Shaq Lawson and Jerry Hughes struggle to apply pressure up front.


3 - What brought UDFA Mike Love to Buffalo?It's always fascinating when you think about what goes into an undrafted rookie's decision making in picking his first team. Players like Mike Love go from having no say during the draft, to the final decision after they never got the phone call they wanted.

When Bills DE Love joined One Bills Live, he said that it was the Bills' assistant defensive line coach's words that stuck with him.

"I had a lot of people telling me, 'If things don't work out, you'd have a home here.' You know, one coach who was always in my ear was Aaron Whitecotton," said Love. "He talked to me before the draft, the middle of the draft and the end of the draft, and he was always in my ear saying, 'You know, it's a good opportunity to come here.' I could compete and have a good chance of making this team and I believed him, and I came here."

Now that the 6-3, 255 lb. rookie has spent a few weeks at One Bills Drive, he thinks he made the right choice.

"It's going pretty good," said Love. "I got the vets Jerry Hughes, and I'm looking at Trent Murphy, Shaq Lawson, watching them every day and having them in my ear. Every day they're telling me, 'Hey do this move, or do that.' So, they're working with me and I'm just adapting, and I love it so far.


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