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Bills Today | One Bill made Bleacher Report's Pro Bowl watch list


1. One Bill made Bleacher Report's Pro Bowl watch list

Bleacher Report produced Pro Bowl rosters for each conference based on the play of NFL players through Week 9. Bills cornerback Tre'Davious White was the lone Buffalo player to make the list.

Tre'Davious White has filled the same shutdown role for the Buffalo Bills, though he doesn't generate as much attention as his New England counterpart. He can play the ball as well as anyone, but he's also willing to mix it up with ball-carriers. His goal-line interception and forced fumble in Week 7 earned him AFC Defensive Player of the Week honors.

Through nine games, White currently leads the team with three interceptions and has one sack, nine passes defended and 37 total tackles, 31 of which are solo.

2. Buffalo is the NFL's stingiest team in this category since 2017

The Bills have allowed just 43 passing touchdowns since the beginning of the 2017 season, which is the fewest in the NFL.

One player who has been a big help in limiting passing plays is corner Tre'Davious White. He had his hands full covering receiver Odell Beckham Jr. on Sunday. According to Next Gen Stats, White aligned on Beckham for 53 of Beckham's 63 snaps. Per PFF, White forced five incompletions, which was more than Beckham's four receptions on 11 targets.

"That's the type of player that Tre'Davious is," Bills safety Micah Hyde said. "We've been saying that all along. He's able to do things like that - going out there and match one of the best receivers in the league and hold his own. And not just hold his own, but compete and make some plays. I don't know how many pass breakups he had, maybe four, five. But he was out there doing his thing, balling. It was definitely him on Beckham, which you could see just watching the game, and he went out there and had the game of his life."

This season Buffalo has only allowed 18 passing completions of more than 20 yards which is third fewest in the league.

3. Micah Hyde: We'll learn from it

Bills safety Micah Hyde joined WGR’s Schopp and the Bulldog this week to discuss Week 10 and look ahead to the Miami game. Buffalo picked up their first road loss of the season against Cleveland on Sunday and Hyde is using the game as something to grow from.

"It was a learning lesson," Hyde said. "I imagine it's an opportunity for us to learn from it. Obviously the outcome is not what we wanted. We're all competitors in this locker room, we want to win each and every game. To go out like that is not ideal. We'll learn from it, and this is a week-to-week league; you have to continue to progress."

Hyde says he and the defense own giving up the lead.

"I feel like the offense did a good job of moving down the field," Hyde said. "As a defense, we take the ownership of giving up the lead, but as far as the offense, we felt like they did a good job of moving the ball. They had some big, I think two big third down conversions - one to Cole Beasley and one to John Brown, if I remember correctly. They did a good job of moving the ball. They gave us a shot in the end, and that's all you can ask. At the end of the day, I'm a defensive player, so I'm going to ride with us having to get a stop in the fourth quarter."

In the final drive, Hyde supports the decision-making by his head coach.

"We have faith in whatever Sean McDermott's decisions are in a game," Hyde explained. "We're going to ride with them. If he felt like that was the best opportunity to wind down the clock, try to get one more play, see what happens and take a shot at the end zone — if that's what he wanted to do, we would've done that. I have no problem with the decision that Sean made. Obviously there's going to be people on the outside saying that we should have done this, should have done that, which you can always get better in those situations. But do I feel like that was the reason why we lost the game? Not one bit."

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