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Bills Today: Peterman-Benjamin connection goes back to Gruden camp


1 - Peterman-Benjamin connection goes back to Gruden camp
Prior to being drafted by Buffalo, Nathan Peterman was a guest at Jon Gruden’s Quarterback Camp. Gruden interviews intriguing draft prospects and then puts their skills to the test on the field. Coincidentally enough, one of Peterman's targets at the camp was Kelvin Benjamin.![](

Ever since that day earlier this year, Benjamin knew Peterman had the skill set to play on Sundays.

"Definitely man," he said. "He's got a strong arm, he's smart, and played at Pitt [Pittsburgh]. He definitely looked like NFL material."

After Gruden evaluated Peterman he came up with five takeaways on him. His main point was that Peterman was the draft's most pro-ready QB.

Peterman is ready to walk in and be a contributor from day one. He just looks like a pro quarterback -- coming out of the huddle, running an offense with different formations, shifting, motioning, different patterns that other colleges don't run. Peterman will recognize route combinations and associate formations. Most importantly, he will be able to get in a huddle from day one and look at 10 grown men and tell them where to go and what to do and handle a versatile snap count.

Peterman took his first regular season snap on Sunday against the Saints. He entered the game with just under five minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. Peterman's prior connection with Benjamin seemed to pay off. The tandem linked up for gains of 21 and 12 yards on back-to-back plays. Prior to Peterman entering the game, Benjamin only had one reception for nine yards.

The 6-5, 245-pound receiver explained after Friday's practice the kind of ball his new quarterback throws.

"I mean, they get there. They get there pretty fast, you have to get your head around," Benjamin said. "We still lost that game, but it was a good drive down the field. Good momentum going into this week."

2 - Could Cadet see his first game action?
There's an extremely high chance that Bills running back, Travaris Cadet, makes his debut with the team on Sunday against the Chargers. Mike Tolbert is officially out for the Week 11 matchup, which means Cadet bumps up into the backup role.

Tolbert did not participate in all three practices this week. Even with his absence, nothing changes for Cadet.

"I've been preparing even when Tolbert was healthy," he said. "For the most part I just take it day to day. I just try to read my keys, go out there, play fast, and try to be productive for my team."

Cadet most recently played on Oct. 15, 2017, as a member of the New York Jets. He reeled in three catches for 26 yards against the Patriots. Buffalo scooped Cadet and signed him on Nov. 4. At the time Tyrod Taylor was the starting quarterback. He went through practice that whole week with Taylor as the starting signal-caller.

Now Cadet's completed his second week of practice with the Bills and Nathan Peterman is the starter. He's confident with what he can add to Buffalo's new-look offense with Peterman manning the huddle.

"Just from a versatility standpoint, creating mismatches in the passing game. Also adding another element to the running game," Cadet said. "I think Nate's a great talent. He's determined and ready to work. He's ready to win."

3 - White right in the mix for Rookie of the Year
There's close to a dozen rookies who're putting together impressive first-year campaigns. Bills cornerback, Tre'Davious White, has been one of the more notable performers out of that bunch.

After Week 10, White ranks third in the rookie rankings, according to Pro Football Focus. He's been graded with an 88.1 through nine games. White currently is ahead of Alvin Kamara (84.0), Christian McCaffrey (82.2), and Leonard Fournette (81.0).

William Moy of PFF gave the rookie some high praise in this week's rankings.

White has allowed just one catch per every 13.5 snaps spent in coverage so far this season, the second-best rate among rookies. White bounced back from easily his worst game of the season in Week Nine with an 81.0 overall grade in Buffalo's loss to New Orleans this past weekend, his fifth game of the year over 80.0. White currently ranks eighth among cornerbacks in terms of overall grade, he also ranks eighth with an 87.9 coverage grade. The LSU rookie broke up his league-leading 10th pass in Week 10 and his 21.6 playmaker index ranks fifth among corners as we head into Week 11.

White's putting up numbers that few have accumulated over the past 10 years. Nathan Jahnke of PFF noted his impressive numbers to this point in the season.

Cornerback Tre'Davious White has 11 combined interceptions and passes defended, the third-most for a rookie at this point of the season in the last 12 years.

Buffalo's currently 5-4 and seven more games remain this season. If White continues his top-notch play, he'll be right in the conversation for Rookie of the Year.


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