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Bills Today: Reilly's route to the 53-man roster


1 - Reilly's route to the 53-man roster
After spending 13 weeks on Buffalo's practice squad, the wait is over for wide receiver Brandon Reilly. On Tuesday, he was promoted to the team's 53-man roster.

"I'm really excited for Brandon Reilly. I think he embodies so much of what this team is about. He embodies so much what coach McDermott is about," said Richie Incognito. "To come in here, make the team as an undrafted free agent, then stick it out, and get rewarded with a roster spot, it's really cool for Brandon. It's a special deal for him. He sets a good example for everybody on the team."![](

Reilly was a walk-on at the University of Nebraska where he played for four seasons. He eventually went undrafted in 2017 and appeared in all four preseason games for Buffalo. He led the Bills in both catches (11) and receiving yards (139) in those games.

Safety, Micah Hyde, compared Reilly to a receiver who's fourth in the NFL in receiving yards (1,056). Hyde faced that Vikings wideout a lot when he was a member of the Packers.

"He's kind of like that [Adam] Thielen from Minnesota type of guy. He doesn't look like he's going to beat you over top. He doesn't look like he can go up and get a ball over you. But, when that ball is thrown he's going to make plays. That's how I see Brandon," Hyde said. "He'll go out there in practice and catch a ball over somebody and I'll be like, 'How is this guy doing that?' He's good, resilient, and I'm happy for him."

Reilly's emergence to the 53-man roster is a result of WR Jordan Matthews being placed on injured reserve. The 23-year-old rookie has a great opportunity in front of him. Assuming he's active Sunday, he'll make his regular season debut against the Colts.

"Big accomplishment, something I'm very proud of. They say better late than never," said Reilly. "I'm glad it came this season. I'm looking forward to seeing what my role is and what I can do."

2 - Offensive line struggles for Indianapolis
Colts quarterback, Jacoby Brissett, has been sacked eight more times than any other QB in the NFL. The offensive line in Indianapolis has struggled, and Buffalo could benefit from that on Sunday.

Brissett's been sacked 47 times this season, which leads the league. For the Bills pass rush, which ranks 30th in the league with 20 sacks, they'll look to take advantage of that.

"He takes a good amount of time to go through his reads. Teams have been capitalizing on the time he's been using. We plan on doing that," said Jerry Hughes. "For us up front, how can we get to the quarterback quicker? We understand we have to get there fast and efficient."

The Colts O-Line lacks experience. With the exception of seven-year veteran Anthony Castonzo, the four remaining starters have a combined eight years of experience in the league. Indy's head coach, Chuck Pagano, addressed their protection issues on Wednesday.

"We don't make any excuses. We own up to everything. It is what it is. We've had guys in and out, lineup changes, and this and that," said Pagano. "It takes all 11 [players] every play to execute and perform. You credit the defenses. We'll have our hands full again this coming Sunday with their great pass rushers."

3 - Players thoughts on Sunday's potential snow game
Snow is in the forecast for Sunday's game in Orchard Park. Bills players shared their thoughts as they prepare for potentially the first snow game of the season.

Defensive end, Eddie Yarbrough, was born in Colorado and played college ball at the University of Wyoming. It's safe to say he's familiar with the elements Buffalo has to offer.

"I truly love playing in the snow. It's fun, growing up as a kid you always wanted to play in the snow games," said Yarbrough. "For us defensively, honestly it kind of makes our jobs easier. Because offenses work on everything has to fit together perfectly. As a defense, you just run and go tackle that guy. Running backs aren't as fast. All in all, I just love it."

For a few Bills players from warmer climates, they've never played in snow before. Rookies Zay Jones is one example. Nate Peterman played while it snowed at Pitt, but not with measurable snow under foot. With Tyrod Taylor's status in the air for Sunday, Peterman get that opportunity.

"I'm excited. If there's snow on the ground, I've never played with snow on the ground, so I'll be excited to have that opportunity," said Peterman. "That's Buffalo, that's part of playing here. That's our home field advantage."


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