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Bills Today: Sean McDermott looks for these traits in coaches and wide receivers


1. Sean McDermott looks for these traits in coaches and wide receivers

Head coach Sean McDermott addressed the media during the first day of the NFL combine and spoke about new quarterbacks coach Ken Dorsey, new signees Spencer Long and Duke Williams and what he looks for when finding new players and coaches.

McDermott was first asked about what the process is like and what he liked about Dorsey that contributed to his hiring. He immediately identified that he looks for the qualities of being a good person and someone who is smart.

McDermott also spoke about the benefits of keeping coaches and players for multiple years.

"One of the biggest things I think that gets overlooked is continuity and having the opportunity to bring players back that already understand our culture," McDermott said. "Also, coaches and staff that are you understand our culture, what we're all about how we want to do things. The more you're around the more the more continuity you have, the more familiarity you have obviously the more aligned, you become over the years when you go through the battles, the ups and downs and so over the course of time that usually works to your benefit."

McDermott also sees a benefit in having multiple members on his coaching staff with playing experience. Coaches who did play have the advantage of knowing what would and would not work in certain situations. It helps even more when considering the technique involved such as a center knowing where to shade his body. It is something that can't be taught by a playbook. Both Dorsey and newly promoted wide receivers coach Chad Hall have NFL playing experience.

When looking for a productive wide receiver, McDermott kept it simple.

"We're looking for guys that can get open and catch the ball," McDermott said. "I know it should go without saying but it's not making more complicated than it is. At the end of the day, a wide receiver's job is to get open and catch the football."

2. Tre'Davious White hopes to see his former college teammates in Buffalo

First the Tre'Davious White goalie academy and now possibly the Tre'Davious White draft academy. White loves his hometown of Shreveport, Louisiana and will never forget his roots. He did appear as the guest of honor appearing at a Shreveport Mudbugs hockey game where he performed a ceremonial puck drop.

White hasn't forgotten his Louisiana roots saying that nothing can compare to his time at Death Valley and that nothing can compare to their student section. But Buffalo still has the best fans. LSU cornerback Greedy Williams and linebacker Devin White are now two NFL hopefuls and hopes Buffalo can grab one.

"I'm waiting on draft night to see where those guys go. Hopefully we can get one of them. We're at nine, I hope we can snatch one of those guys because they're going to make our team so much better."

White has never been shied to voice his opinion and if either player turns out to be like him than the Bills would have made a wise choice.

3. McDermott participates in third annual Women's Careers in Football Forum

The NFL hosted its third annual Women's Careers in Football Forum ahead of the 2019 NFL Scouting Combine. The Forum connects 40 female participants currently working in college football with leaders in professional and collegiate football. The forum wants to support the development of a talent pipeline by connecting high-potential women to career opportunities in football. Over the past two years, 19 women have earned 26 employment opportunities with nine NFL clubs, including Buffalo. Sean McDermott was a featured speaker of the event.

"We're inclusive and being diverse in our hiring practices and at the end of the day we get the best," McDermott said on One Bills Live. "And if we don't open ourselves up to, in this case females, then we may basically be taking only 50 percent of the population and that's not the best sample of who can be the best out there and helping us get to where we're trying to get to, which in our standard is an NFL Championship."

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