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Bills Today: The biggest questions surrounding the Bills


*1 - The biggest questions surrounding the Bills *The Buffalo Bills have question marks on the roster. What is the state of their wide receiver corps? Who will be replacing Preston Brown? Who will be returning kicks? Will Buffalo be drafting a quarterback?

The one question to encompass all of this is, what is Buffalo's plan?

An article on Bleacher Report by Brad Gagnon asked this question with the hope of shedding light on what could be the answer.

Buffalo general manager Brandon Beane could be willing to make more trades (yes, plural) to put the team in a position to draft one of the top quarterback prospects.

Gagnon predicted that, when the Bills are on the clock, they will be doing it from pick 2.

They seem determined, and striking a deal with the Giants makes too much sense. Beane and Giants GM Dave Gettleman have history together.

Then the question is, which one of the big four QBs do the Bills pick up at second overall. Gagnon covered that prediction too.

Darnold to the Browns, Rosen to the Bills, Mayfield to the Jets, Allen to the Dolphins.

In a little over three weeks, we'll know how right or wrong Gagnon's predictions were.

2 - White shares his opinion on LSU prospects

Tre'Davious White joined Mock Draft Live right after his work out of the day. Down in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, White took time not only talk about his rookie season, but the moves the Bills have made so far and some of his old LSU teammates that are available in the NFL draft.

On his freshman season, White tributes his success to the training and advice he got beforehand.

"Being around people who have done it before I've done it," White said. "Them telling me the way to do it, the right way to do it, so I won't make the same mistakes they made. It's a test to me being around great people."

Playing against the wide receivers like Amari Cooper and Calvin Ridley in college helped White get ready for his first season, but the challenges of Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry were something White used to improve, as well.

When asked about the trade of Tyrod Taylor, White knows those decisions are above his pay grade.

"You just try to focus on what you can do and what you can bring to the team. Trading and getting rid of guy is nothing new to us," he said. "Second week of training camp we traded away Ronald Darby, our number one corner, and Sammy Watkins our number one receiver… Then in the middle of the year we traded away our big run stopper in Marcell Dareus. So we are used to trading and we believe in what the coaches believe in and that's trusting the process, and feel like we're in good hands with those two guys at the helm."

White also told Mock Draft LIVE that he's pulling for the Bills to draft some of his old teammates back at LSU.

"Arden Key, I think he's the best pass-rusher in the draft… Dontae Jackson is a guy that I feel like is a first round corner with his speed and the way blankets receivers," White said. "We could sit up there and get D.J. Chark. We lost our deep threat in Deonte Thompson, losing him to the Cowboys."

White ended his time on the show with his advice for the prospects in the upcoming draft.

"Expect the unexpected," he said. "Just sort of go with the flow because you never know where you may end up." 3 - Draft prospect comparable to LeSean McCoy
LeSean McCoy has cut-on-a-dime ability makes him a threat on every route he runs. Chris Trapasso sees a player with similar ability in the upcoming NFL draft.

Ito Smith out of Southern Mississippi may not see the field as well as McCoy, but Trapasso sees the similarities with how the two juke past defenders.

*Smith has comparable jump-cutting ability to that of the Bills' star and can hit some longer runs. These two won't score 80-yard touchdowns with pure speed, however, they can create a plethora of 30-to-40-yard gainers due to their ridiculous hip-sink and explosion out of their jukes. Like McCoy, Smith is a dynamic option the screen game and can be used as an effective, quasi-receiver in the slot on occasion. *

This past season, the 5-9 running back ran for 1,415 yards and 13 touchdowns while stacking 396 receiving yards and two receiving touchdowns on top of it. Smith has also been made useful in the special teams game through kick returns, a position that is still open on the Bills roster.

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