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Bills Today: This Bills player is a smart fantasy football play according to NFL Network


1. This Bills player is smart fantasy football play according to NFL Network

Still debating on starting Josh Allen this week in fantasy? You shouldn't. Good Morning Football's Kay Adams believes he is a must start player this week.

Allen has been the second-highest scoring fantasy quarterback since Week 12 of the 2018 season. He has 183.46 points, Deshaun Watson leads with 187.90.

Adams' rankings put Allen ahead of every quarterback this week except for Dak Prescott, Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes.

"I told you all to draft and pick up Josh Allen," Adams said. "He is the case study for today. We're going to fix where he's going and put them a little bit higher. I was really happy with the additions and if you go back to the last eight games that's going back to last year, he's the second highest scoring fantasy quarterback. This is too big to me of a sample size to ignore here. And the first two weeks of the season he is at least 250 yards through the air and he has at least one touchdown through the air and at least one rushing touchdown. They are designing plays for him at the goal line. I love it."

2. Why Cole Beasley has faith in his QB

Cole Beasley and Josh Allen struggled to get the ball rolling in Week 1 of the season. Most notorious was Allen's pass that was tipped up by Beasley and returned for a touchdown by the Jets. The Bills offense had four turnovers and was in a 16-0 deficit yet they still pulled out the win. Why? Because Allen remained calm and led the Bills.

"You know, everybody sees Josh making throws and extending plays with his feet but they don't really see how he remains level emotionally throughout the mini highs and lows of a football game, Beasley said. "It got as bad as it could really get in Week 1 and he remained the same guy the whole time, still pushing the unit, still competing, still leading.

"That's a good sign for a guy as young as he is and that's really exciting to see and that's hard to find. You know, a lot of guys, under pressure, you know you always want to see what a guy is about when he is dealing with adversity. He handles it very well. You can't even tell if he's going through a bad time or a good time. That's a great thing to see from a young guy and it is easy to follow a guy like that."

3. Bengals new offense straight out of L.A.

The Bills and Bengals have matched up seven times in the last 10 years. One constant was Marvin Lewis as Cincinnati's head coach. The Bengals decided to move on from Lewis after 16 years and hired Zac Taylor, who was with the Los Angeles Rams as their quarterbacks coach last season.

Radio play-by-play man for the Bengals Dan Hoard detailed what he's seeing from Taylor on One Bills Live this week.

"He basically brought the Rams offense to Cincinnati," Hoard said. "One of the biggest things that stands out when you watch the Rams is that the wide receivers often line up in tight formations near the offensive line. That helps them get that immediate separation and a little bit harder for the defense to determine who's got who and maintain that tight coverage on the line of scrimmage. That's all it takes for John Ross, give him a little bit of cushion, put the ball in his hands and let him take over."

Hoard says that Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton and Taylor have been on the exact same page since he's arrived which could lead to a dangerous situation if the Bills defense isn't able to communicate efficiently and effectively.

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