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Bills Today: This Bills player was named to's top 25 rookie list


1. This Bills player was named to's top 25 rookie list's Daniel Jeremiah made a list of the top 25 rookies through four weeks of the season. No. 1 on the list is Gardner Minshew. One Buffalo Bill made the list, Dawson Knox at No. 13.

Knox is extremely gifted. If he can stay healthy (he dealt with injuries during his college and high school career), look for him to climb this list as the season progresses.

Knox was one of two tight ends to make the list. Through the first quarter of the season, Knox is third on the team in receiving yards. The rookie has eight catches for 144 yards with one touchdown. He is currently averaging 18 yards per reception, which is the highest in the NFL for a tight end.

2. Brian Baldinger loves the way Buffalo's defense plays

On Brian Baldinger's Baldy's Breakdowns, Baldinger broke down the Bills ability to make Tom Brady feel uncomfortable. Baldinger says Buffalo forced Brady to have one of his worst days ever.

On this play action he [Tom Brady] gets both inside linebackers to step up. But here's Micah Hyde stepping right in the passing lane of Julian Edelman. Brady's got nowhere to go with the ball right here. Where does he end up throwing it? Down the field, outside the numbers for one of his 21 completions on the day.

Baldinger says a big part of Buffalo's game plan was making Brady move off his spot, which they successfully did multiple times.

Tremaine Edmunds, he led the Buffalo Bills last year in passes defended. He's got tremendous size and range. The Bills got in the passing lane all day. Here's a case in point, here's Hughes and Poyer both with their outstretched arms and there's Edmunds tipping the ball away.

Baldinger says it's Micah Hyde's vision that led him to the red zone interception.

When was the last time Brady threw a red zone interception? I don't know. Here comes Jakobi Meyers in motion to a bunch formation. The Bills are going to zone, but it's going to be a match-up zone. So, it's a little bit confusing because Meyers goes out here, Micah Hyde goes with him. So it's a little bit man-to-man, but it's also a zone. When Brady throws the ball to the back of the end zone to Julian Edelman, those zone eyes of Micah Hyde jump right in the middle of it. They got in the passing lane of Tom Brady. They kept him from throwing a touchdown.

3. Andre Roberts: We've got something good going on

Returner/wide receiver Andre Roberts joined One Bills Live to talk about being healthy and the impact he has made on the team so far. Roberts said he may have the unpopular opinion, but enjoys returning kicks.

"I love doing it," Roberts said. "I don't know how much people like running full speed into guys, but I don't mind doing it."

Roberts currently ranks third in the NFL averaging 31.3 yards per kick return. Roberts says he has rules on when to return a kick, but special teams coordinator Heath Farwell also gives him freedom to make the decision.

"Heath trusts me," Roberts said. "He knows I've been doing it for a while and he knows I have a team first mindset, so I'll do the right thing."

One reason why Roberts was interested in Buffalo was the opportunity to play a role on offense in addition to returning kicks.

"I always want to give as much as they allow me to give," Roberts said. "I always think I can play receiver and I feel like I can excel with whatever opportunities they give me. Whatever way they want to use me whether it be reverses or jet sweeps, like Isaiah McKenzie is doing right now. Or just being a blocker out there, giving some guys some different looks, I'm all for it."

Being in his first year under head coach Sean McDermott, Roberts likes the culture in Buffalo.

"Every team has a different atmosphere just with the guys and the coaches," Roberts explained. "We've got something good going on right here and I'm glad I'm a part of it right now."

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