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Bills Today: Tre'Davious shares why you should be confident in Buffalo


1 - Tre'Davious shares why you should be confident in Buffalo
The Bills are riding a two-game winning streak heading into today's matchup against the Patriots. The team's yet to lose since falling short to New England in Week 13.

Now we're in Week 16 and Buffalo's looking for redemption. Rookie cornerback, Tre'Davious White, joined Good Morning Football on Friday to discuss the divisional game.![](

"You guys should be confident in us because of the way we're preparing. We've seen the Patriots before," said White. "We know they're going to give us something different. They're going to be themselves also, and we're going to be ourselves."

Takeaways will be key to taking down Tom Brady and the Pats. In Week 15, the Bills defense forced multiple turnovers for the first time since Week Eight. It translated to a 24-16 win over the Dolphins. In games with two or more takeaways, Buffalo's record is 6-1 on the season.

"Are defense, if we can go in there and force two takeaways are chances of winning are 80-percent," said White. "We force three takeaways and its 90-percent."

White's been a wizard at forcing takeaways since coming to Buffalo. He's the only NFL player with 18 passes defended, four interceptions, and two fumble recoveries. His four INTs are tied for the rookie lead. White's shown the ability to make those plays when it matters most. He's responsible for a league-leading five turnovers in the fourth quarter.

White will need to keep up the prolific play to knock off the Pats. He's confidence Buffalo can go into New England and beat them for the second-straight year.

"We do a great job of watching film and staying on top of things. [We're] preparing hard and just have to do the things we've been doing," said White. "We're going to go into the game and be us and try not to do anything extra. I feel if we do that we'll be fine and have a shot in any game." 

As the Bills get set for a trip to New England Week 16, check out some of the most memorable moments from Buffalo's road games this season.

2 - Belichick credits Bills for winning close contests
There's been a lot of anxiety for Bills fans this season, as a lot of the team's eight wins have come down to the wire. Patriots head coach, Bill Belichick, gave credit to Buffalo for playing well down the stretch.

"They've won a lot of close games. I think 5-2 in close games or whatever it is. They've played well in competitive situations," said Belichick. "You see those things week after week after week. Now, after 14 weeks, that's all starting to add up. So, I think Sean's [McDermott] done an excellent job with the composition of the team."

Buffalo's 8-6 so far this season, in those wins, they've won by an average of 8.5 points. That includes a three-point win in Week Seven, a six-point win in Week 12, and an overtime victory in Week 14. Four of the team's eight wins have been decided by six points or less.

Though, not all wins have been close calls. You can't forget about the 34-14 dominant defeat over the Raiders in Week Eight.

In his first year in Buffalo, head coach Sean McDermott has been tested down the stretch. So far so good, as McDermott's squad is inching towards their first playoff berth of this millennium.

"That's I think a testament to how well-coached they are and how they're able to utilize all their resources," Belichick said about the Bills. "This is a tough group and they do a lot of things well and they make you beat them." 

3 - Pats have struggled in the ground game
The Patriots just squeaked by the Steelers in Week 15 to avoid slipping to 0-2 in their last two games. Though they were victorious last week, they've struggled immensely in rushing offense and defense.

In New England's last-minute win in Week 15, they were dominated in the ground game. The Steelers rushed for a healthy 143 yards, while the Patriots were held to 77 yards rushing.

The Pats struggled the prior week on the ground as well. In their Week 14 loss to the Dolphins, they were more than quadrupled in rushing yards. Miami coasted for 120 yards rushing and New England was halted to an abysmal 25 yards.

Though the past two weeks have been bad for the Pats, their struggles on the ground have been consistent throughout the season. They allow 4.9 yards per carry, which ranks dead-last in the NFL. Also, they've allowed 1712 total rushing yards, which equates to 123.2 yards per game, ranking 26th in the league.

It won't help the Pats that they'll be without defensive tackle Alan Branch. He didn't practice on Wednesday or Thursday, and missed all last week after injuring his knee in Week 15 and was declared out for the game. The Bills can benefit from these weaknesses greatly in today's game. Buffalo's 129.1 rushing yards per game, which ranks sixth in the league, stacks up well against New England.

"This is a team that we can beat. We can beat them," said running back LeSean McCoy. "Sure, it's tougher. Sure, it's a hard task, but it's doable. I mean, Miami beat them a couple of weeks ago, so we'll see."



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