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Bills Today: Tre'Davious White plans to help out mom


Here's the Bills news of note for May 19th.

1 - Tre'Davious White plans to help out mom.
It's always an exciting time for young players to sign their very first NFL contract. For most of them, their lives will immediately change. Bills first-round draft pick, Tre'Davious White, just recently signed his.

White gave some insight as to what he plans to do now that he is financially secure.

"I'm able to do some things for my mom that a typically normal guy wouldn't be able to do. Coming from the background that I come from, that's a big deal. I'm very proud of myself," White said with a smile.

"Honestly, my mom has been renting homes my whole life. She's never once had a mortgage or paid to buy. It's always rent," White said. "So, I feel like my duty is to get her in a comfortable situation where she can call something her own. I feel like that is my job as her child. I feel like I owe that to her for all the sacrifices that she's made for my little sister and my two brothers and I." 

**2 - Kevon Seymour's different approach this offseason

Check out photos from behind-the-scenes at Buffalo's defensive backs photoshoot.

Bills cornerback, Kevon Seymour, was the sixth-round draft pick for the team in the 2016 NFL draft. While some did not consider him a "lock" to make the final roster, Seymour played in 15 games and with three starts.  

As we head into OTAs this week, Seymour recently appeared on the John Murphy Show where he talks about how he is approaching this offseason differently.

"So, I wouldn't say that I'm a vet. I'm still technically a rookie until I get through the first preseason game," Seymour says. "Right now, I'm just trying to help the young guys.

"I feel like a vet right now but technically, to the vets, I am still a rookie. In my eyes, I am a veteran. I'm helping the young guys that come in, helping them get acclimated as much as I can."

Seymour is looking to contend with rookie cornerback Tre'Davious White to earn a starting role. The cornerback is hoping to have a breakout year.

"Everyday, I put that in my head," he said. "I'm going to have a great day. I just start with the day and that follows with a week. I'm preparing to have that great year and be that corner that Buffalo wants me to be."

**3 - Cordy Glenn talks about the change this year

Left tackle, Cordy Glenn, now has had four NFL head coaches. While that can be a lot for any professional to handle, Glenn appeared on the John Murphy Show to talk about what he sees different from years past.

"I think Coach McDermott is just really detailed and helping us become really detailed and to worry about the small things, focusing on your technique and fundamentals," Glenn said. "How you carry yourself when you walk around the building, all the small things that you may forget about or just not think about."

While Glenn is still sidelined and rehabbing, he was able to notice some things as a bystander at the start of OTAs.

"I feel another level with practice out there," he said. "Guys are trying to push each other and get each other better. It's pretty serious out there.

"I just think guys are being more accountable, we're doing a better job of that just having a clear focus and direction of what we want to do. Everyone is following one plan."

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