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Bills Today: Tre' White eager to learn from Vontae Davis


1 - Tre' White eager to learn from Vontae DavisThe Buffalo Bills will have a similar backfield to last year, with safeties Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer returning to the team along with cornerback Tre'Davious White. The one key difference however, is the Bills signed cornerback Vontae Davis at the beginning of the offseason.

White joined One Bills Live on Tuesday and said how excited he is to pick Davis's brain throughout the season. ![](

"I'm trying to work with [Davis]," said White. "Any time you've been in the league for 10 years, you've been a Pro Bowler multiple times and All-Pro, I want to learn from you. I'm a young guy still, so I want to see how I can last in this game a long time. He's so smart in knowing the terminology and football and just knowing what receivers are going to do."

Not only is Davis someone that White wants to learn from, but Davis has already been proving to White and others how knowledgeable about the game he really is. 

"So, him just learning the terminology of our defense and just bringing it to the practice field, and I feel that he's been doing a great job of asking questions. And when we have been doing the walk throughs, he's been doing a great job of making the checks on the line and doing on the run," White said. "You can tell he's a pro. He's done pretty much everything, seen pretty much everything that you are going to see in the NFL. It's just him adapting to the different terminology that we have."

The cornerback duo of White and Davis is expected to start for the Bills come the beginning of the season.

2 - Bills fourth-round draft pick is ready to get startedIt was a about a week ago when the Bills picked up a cornerback from Weber State. When Taron Johnson joined the One Bills Live show, he showed that he was excited to bring his versatility to the field for Buffalo.

"I feel I could be a great nickel, a great outside corner, just wherever they need to put me," said Johnson. "Wherever they put me I'm ready to excel and I'm going to master whatever position they put me in."

Johnson understands the Bills already have two corners that are expected to start the season in White and Davis, but that doesn't mean he doesn't expect to compete.

After the draft, Johnson connected with some of his fellow Bills draft picks, as well as one of the captains of Buffalo's defense.

"[Lorenzo Alexander] reached out to me and said if I need anything, contact him," said Johnson. "Harrison [Phillips], who just got drafted, he texted me and was like, 'Let's do this thing.' And Siran Neal, he reached out to me and said, 'We about to ball out at the next level.'"

Johnson along with all the other rookies will be in Buffalo next week.

Check out photos from Buffalo's 2018 NFL Draft picks from rounds three through seven.

3 - Bills rookie in the top five of NFL draftee jersey sales

The Buffalo Bills have been searching for a franchise quarterback for years. When Brandon Beane drafted Josh Allen last Friday, Bills fans seem to believe that they finally have the heir to the throne that Jim Kelly left in 1996.

In a tweet from Darren Rovell, a business reporter at ESPN, Josh Allen has the fourth highest amount of jersey sales among the draftees in the 2018 draft.

Most Sold Jerseys Of NFL Draftees, according to Fanatics:

1. @saquon (Pick #2, Giants)

2. @bakermayfield (Pick #1, Browns)

3. Sam Darnold (Pick #3 Jets)

4. @JoshAllenQB (Pick #7, Bills)

5. @Shaquemgriffin (Pick #141, Seahawks)

Bills fans ran wild with their credit cards after Andy Dalton threw the touchdown that sent the Bills to the playoffs, and now they are doing the same thing since Beane drafted the quarterback of the future.


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