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Bills Today | Tremaine Edmunds happy Bills picked up his fifth-year option

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1. Tremaine Edmunds happy Bills picked up his fifth-year option

Josh Allen wasn't the only Bills 2018 first-round pick who had his fifth-year option picked up by the club. Buffalo also exercised the fifth-year option on LB Tremaine Edmunds.

Not surprisingly, Edmunds was very pleased to see the team commit to him.

"Yeah, I was excited, I love it out here man," he said. "The fans and everything that Buffalo has to offer, I love it. And so, I was excited just because I know the group that we have here. I'm excited just to be back to go to war with them so we can all try to accomplish what we all here to do - and that's to win a championship. So, I was excited man, smiles from ear to ear and my family was excited because they love it here as well. I'm excited what the future brings, and I'm just looking at what we could do as a team this year."

2. Josh Allen assigns himself a healthy to-do list

Part of the reason Josh Allen had a breakout season in 2020 is because of his inner drive to improve every aspect of his game. Coming off that MVP runner-up season, Allen is far from satisfied with his game.

With OTA practice sessions now underway, Allen outlined what he's been working on this offseason and will continue to fine tune with his teammates this spring.

"Strong decision-making as far as where the ball should go in any given situation based on what the defense is doing, understanding and being better in situational football, ball security in the pocket and while I take off running," Allen said. "A couple types of concepts I need to continue to work on, routes as well, like the in cut, throws to my left, just trying to be more concise and better with my footwork and better with the ball placement."

Allen is very critical of his play and carefully analyzes his decision making on film.

"As many good things as we did last year, there was still a lot of stuff on tape where I look back and say, 'Why did I do this?' I think that's the common theme every year," he said. "Even though the wins and the numbers and all that stuff looked good on paper, there's still so much room to improve and I'm excited for that process. So we got to put the work in now, so it pays off later."

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3. Clean bill of health for TE Tommy Sweeney

Bills tight end Tommy Sweeney is entering his third NFL season, but in reality his second year was completely wiped out by a foot injury and COVID. After contracting the virus and going on the team's COVID-reserve list, Sweeney recovered, but developed a condition called myocarditis. The condition causes an inflammation of the heart muscle that does the work in pumping blood.

Myocarditis can affect the heart's electrical system, which can reduce the heart's ability to pump blood properly.

"This condition cut Sweeney's season short," said head coach Sean McDermott. "Tommy went through a tough situation last year," said head coach Sean McDermott. "He missed basically the whole season. I mean, if anyone needs a reason to, or more information about, whether or not to get vaccinated with the COVID situation, I mean, Tommy, he missed all of last season. It affected him for some time."

According to the Mayo Clinic, treatment of myocarditis typically involves rest for three to six months to allow the heart muscle to heal. So intense physical exercise is prohibited.

But the Bills tight end has successfully recovered from the condition and is back practicing with his teammates.

"He's off to a great start," McDermott said. "He's in a good spot. He's worked his tail off. He's been here most of the offseason and in doing so, invested in his career. Tommy's a high-energy, bright-eyed young man that's got a bright future ahead of him. It's good to have him back and healthy again."

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