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Bills Today | What this national analyst learned about the Bills on Thanksgiving


1. What this national analyst learned about the Bills on Thanksgiving

Josh Allen is proving his doubters wrong. Nick Shook from praised Allen for his growth in his second year and how he's taken the Bills to a 9-3 record.

I'll be the first to admit that I never thought Josh Allen (and his early penchant for turnovers) would pan out in the NFL, but two seasons in, he's proving me and plenty of other doubters wrong.

Allen finished with a line of 19-of-24 passing, 231 yards, one touchdown and a 120.7 passer rating.

Allen was excellent Thursday, leading the Bills offense on multiple scoring drives and doing it with his actions, not words. Allen's desire to win showed in a fumbled QB sneak that the QB recovered and then continued to drive his legs to fight through a defender for two yards and a first down.

Allen has evolved from a deep-ball chucker who was always good for a disastrous turnover or two per game to the quarterback evaluators imagined could be possible when drooling over his size and arm. He's extending plays with his feet, gradually becoming more accurate and doing so without a ton of weapons to speak of. We'll see where this road takes him, but right now, it's looking pretty good.

2. Buffalo is "America's spirit animal"

While discussing the Dallas Cowboys on Good Morning Football, analyst Nate Burleson decided to stop talking about America's team and start talking about America's spirit animal, the Buffalo Bills.

"I know we're supposed to talk about the Cowboys and I get it. We have this graphic on the bottom of the screen that shows the Cowboys right there. Let me get this camera. See that graphic right there? With all due respect to the producers, you know what, I'm tired of talking about this team," Burleson said.

Burleson continued on after throwing his notes into his air.

"I'm tired. This is ridiculous," Burleson said. "As talented as they [the Cowboys] are… I get it, they're America's Team. Why aren't we talking about America's Spirit Animal in the Buffalo Bills? America's Team is the glitz and the glory. The fancy stadium and Jerry Jones talking every single day." Burleson praised Buffalo, putting them as a symbolic part of the national stage. "But what do we represent as a country? It's what the Buffalo Bills represent. You wake up, you go to work, you quietly do your job and then you get the results that you put the work in for."

3. Bills-Cowboys break broadcast records

The Buffalo Bills were the most watched team in the country on Thanksgiving. Millions of fans watched at the Bills thrashed the Dallas Cowboys 26-15 at AT&T Stadium.

According to CBS Sports PR the Buffalo and Dallas game is the most-watched Thanksgiving game on CBS in 27 years. It was the most-watched regular-season game on any network in three years and averaged 32.538 million viewers.

Buffalo was the highest-rated metered marked for Thanksgiving day. The Dallas market was second. The Bills were watched in 36.2 percent of registered households while the Cowboys were on in 26.9 percent of Dallas households.

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