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Bills Today | Where Josh Allen knows he needs to change his mentality


1. Where Josh Allen knows he needs to change his mentality

Josh Allen knows he needs to reduce his turnover numbers. Allen has already tied his fumble total for last year with eight. Allen is confident is he cleans his game up the Bills offense will be better no matter what opposing defenses do.

"Yeah, absolutely. That all starts with me. I got to be doing a better job than that," Allen said. "Last couple weeks we've been doing a better job protecting the football, but it's still something that's in my head and I'm not trying to put the ball in harm's way. We clean up that and we clean up some of these turnovers and we continue to move the ball like we're doing, we're going to find success and we're just going to keep working hard every day."

Allen is on pace to lower his interceptions this season and post better numbers across the board in yards thrown, touchdowns and completion percentage to name a few.

2. Bills defense needs to improve in this area

Buffalo's defense has been one of the best in the NFL this season but opposing offenses have figured out one way to beat them. Philadelphia used the screen game most noticeably against the Bills last Sunday. Safety Micah Hyde detailed what the Bills need to do to correct their mistakes.

"It takes everybody to be honest," Hyde said. "Not just the d-line rushing the passer and letting them run past and then reacting but the back seven it's also on them to recognize it and force it back inside."

Stopping screens is an entire defense effort to stop.

"What you do to combat screens is slow them down," Hyde said. "That's not just on the linebackers or secondary or defensive linemen it's an entire defensive effort and that's why we've been practicing them and we're going to continue doing that because we are an attack defense. They're going to continue to happen and it's on us to get them down."

3. Cole Beasley: Our job is to show up and play and work each day

NFL fans anxiously awaited the 4 pm trade deadline on Tuesday. They constantly refreshed Twitter to see if any reports of last-second deals would come through, but most general managers decided to stay put, including Brandon Beane.

Some players on the Bills weren't even aware the trade deadline passed.

"Yesterday was the trade deadline?" Cole Beasley asked on Wednesday. "We know what we have as players in this locker room. It definitely shows confidence that they didn't try to make a move, but we don't worry about that as players, we just try to get better."

The Bills nearly put together a completely new offense this offseason along with additions to the other two phases. Staying put at the trade deadline was a decision that the current Bills regime felt was right for them at the time, according to head coach Sean McDermott.

"I feel like because we have nine new guys on offense, we still have tons of room to grow," Beasley said. "I think they understand that as well, and they understand that it takes time to add another new guy or just maybe slow things down as well. You can look at it from that perspective too, but our job is to show up and play and work each day."

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