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Bills Today: Who is the Bills standout player this offseason?


1 - Who is the Bills' standout player this offseason?In OTAs, when the players are on the field, things are different. Players aren't padded up, there is little to no contact and the game is at a slower pace. That said, players will still find a way to tear up their competition and grab attention. So far, the Bills have had a few players, do just that, but for Bleacher Report, the big name to watch is the big rookie the Bills picked 16th overall. ![](

*While quarterback Josh Allen is getting the lion's share of the attention for the Buffalo Bills this offseason, the team's other first-round pick, linebacker Tremaine Edmunds, is making a bigger impression on the practice field. *

"Up to this point, he's handled it extremely well," Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier said of Edmunds' work with first-teamers at OTAs last week. "So [I] don't really see any indication that that won't continue."

With Edmunds already leading huddles for Leslie Frazier and his defense, the 6-5 MLB out of Virginia Tech can be an opening day starter for the Bills.

Many expected Edmunds to be a top-10 pick, which usually means you're special if you're an inside linebacker. So nobody should be surprised that he's settling in quickly.


2 - The Bills travel schedule compared to the rest of the league **There is a reason home-field advantage is a thing in the NFL. Besides how loud the fans can be and the momentum they can give the home team, a flight schedule can hurt any team on a lengthy road trip.  

CBS compiled all the miles that will be flown in the coming months for each NFL team.

Basically, being in a plane for five or more hours is a perfect recipe for disaster: Your sleep schedule is thrown off, your eating schedule changes and your joints get stiff from sitting down for so long.

Despite five of the Bills' first seven games this season being played on the road, the team's travel schedule ends up being one of the lightest in the NFL. They will be flying the fifth fewest miles at 10,222 miles.

Compared to their division rivals, the Jets get off about 900 miles easier than the Bills at 9,358, and the Patriots a little less easy flying 11,042. Too bad for the Dolphins who will be flying more miles than any team not playing an international game with 18,532. 

3 - Who would you put on the Bills' All-Drought Team?It may be the darkest near-two decades in the franchise's history, but now that it is finally over, it may not be a bad idea to look back at the players who gave Bills fans something to cheer about during that 17-year span.

SBNation is currently running a series of polls asking fans to vote on, by position, who the best player was for the Buffalo Bills during the drought.

To be eligible, a player must have played for the team during the years 2000-2017. That includes the players who were on the roster in the '90s and played into 2000, and it includes the players who were only on the roster in 2017 when the team finally ended the drought.

The player should be chosen for the best performance during the drought. Whether you consider that a long period of sustained success or an awesome peak of production is up to you.

Voting for most of the offensive positions has either already started or concluded at this point, but with thousands of votes in each poll, the defensive category has the making to be full of difficult decisions and down to the wire results.


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