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Bills Today | Why Doug Flutie has fond memories of his days in Buffalo


1. Why Doug Flutie has fond memories of his days in Buffalo

Former Bills quarterback Doug Flutie will be back in Buffalo this weekend for the Ravens game. Flutie has been back for golf tournaments and charity events, but this will be his first time back at a game in about 20 years. Flutie was on One Bills Live this week to reminisce about his time with the Bills and discuss the return of his Flutie Flakes.

"I'm proud of a lot of things that have happened over the years no doubt about it," Flutie said. "The Buffalo days were so much fun. Getting to the playoffs and having some success there, it was a time period where when I came back to the Bills it really validated my NFL career. I had a handful of good years there, got to the Pro Bowl, helped lead the team to the playoffs. You look back over the years and there are just so many things to be proud of."

Flutie is known for being an athletic, mobile quarterback during his days with the CFL and Bills. Quarterbacks Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen combine for 1,407 rushing yards, that's the most combined rushing yards between opposing quarterbacks in a game in NFL history. Flutie thinks this game represents the new wave of NFL quarterbacks.

"I think the whole game has moved in that direction," Flutie explained. "The Peyton Mannings, the Tom Bradys, they're fewer and far between the guys that are going to win week in and week out. It all started with zone-blitzing. All of a sudden the quarterback had to be able to move a little bit because sometimes they would overload blitz you and the guy's not open. You can't just throw hot, someone is dropping underneath you. That's where the beginning of athletic quarterbacks started. Now with all the stuff that's going on in college, this is what these kids know."

Flutie Flakes will also make a return for its 20th anniversary on Sunday. You can purchase the box as well as t-shirts in stadium, Flutie will also sign a limited amount.

"We were talking about doing a 20th anniversary box and I'm like this is a little overkill, guys," Flutie explained. "Then, the opportunity to go to Buffalo came up and the whole timing of it started. They tried to hurry the boxes forward so it would time up with me coming back up. The reaction has been fantastic."

The week following the Ravens game, the cereal will go on sale at Wegman's and online at A portion of the proceeds will go towards the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation of Autism.

2. NFL Network's Kay Adams says start this Bills player in fantasy

In the last two weeks Cole Beasley has finished in the top 15 at wide receiver in fantasy football. Against the Broncos, Beasley had six catches for 76 yards and one touchdown. When he faced his former team on Thanksgiving, Beasley racked up 110 yards off of six catches and had one touchdown. Good Morning Football's Kay Adams says he should be in your starting lineup this week.

"Don't look now, Cole Beasley is a top 25 wide receiver," Adams said. "His number is actually on that list. I talked a lot about what I saw in the preseason between him and Josh Allen. They clearly have chemistry. He went to him a ton. Cole Beasley offers something that Josh Allen didn't have in his first season who he can trust, a security blanket in the slot."

Beasley has been a favorite target for Allen in the end zone as of late.

"People are questioning whether or not to put him in your starting lineup, but he has scored five touchdowns in seven games," Adams explained. "In the last three weeks he has more receiving yards than Amari Cooper and Mike Evans. He is turning it on."

The Ravens have a top ten defense, but Adams thinks Beasley will be successful on Sunday because of his position.

"They gave up a huge game to Robert Woods, Julian Edelman had success, JuJu Smith-Schuster had himself a nice game up against the Ravens," Adams said. "A tough defense, but not at his position. I think he finishes inside the top 15 and scores a touchdown because he has been doing that a lot lately."

3. Sharp Football Analysis explains why Josh Allen has improved in year two

Sharp Football Analysis broke down the reasons why were are seeing Josh Allen grow in his second year in the NFL. Nate Weller detailed Allen's last three games, which have made for several career bests.

Maybe most important is that Allen has also put together his most consistent stretch of games since entering the league in his last three starts. Over those three starts, Allen is completing 67% of his passes, averaging 8.2 yards per attempt, and has as IQR of 110.1. The Bills offense in that span is third in the league in EPA/P with 0.14, trailing only the Ravens and Saints, and also ranks sixth in percentage of plays with a positive EPA (Positive%) at 47% — a far cry from where they were to start the season.

The article points to the Bills increased use of no-huddle as a reason why Allen is seeing more success.

There is no doubt this has been a positive change for the Bills and their young signal-caller. The Bills offense is averaging 0.11 more EPA/P when they operate from the no-huddle and they have also seen a four percentage point increase in Positive%. Over the last three weeks alone the Bills have run 80 plays from the no-huddle, averaging 0.17 EPA/P.

The idea to use a hurry-up style of offense and more play-action from under center points back to the coaching staff, in particular offensive coordinator Brian Daboll.

Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll has made a lot of changes that have clearly landed for Allen and the offense, and if they can keep it up as their schedule gets tougher over the last quarter of the season, there's reason to believe the Bills could be a tough out in January. Upcoming tests against the Ravens, Steelers, and Patriots will go a long way toward determining if this season really is the best of times for Josh Allen and the Bills.

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