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Bills Today: Will Brinson's bold draft day prediction for the Bills


1 - Will Brinson's bold draft day prediction for the Bills

The rapidly approaching NFL free agency will have a direct impact on what happens in this year's draft. For instance, whatever team lands Kirk Cousins likely won't be drafting a quarterback in the first-round. ![](

In Will Brinson’s 2018 NFL Mock Draft 2.0, he has the Bills making a bold trade into the top-five. That mock deal is done with Denver, assuming they're the team to land Cousins this offseason.

Brinson joined the John Murphy Show to elaborate on his eye-popping projection.

"So, the idea there is that the Broncos have gone into free agency and they have wooed Kirk Cousins away," said Brinson. "They go into the draft thinking, 'Alright, we have this premium pick, we already have a quarterback, we need more bodies, is there anyone out there who could use a quarterback who has multiple picks in the first-round that might match up with number five?' Well, when you break it down on the all draft value chart, [picks] 21, 22, and 56 given to the Broncos in exchange for number five and 71. The Bills would have the fifth overall pick, they would have one second-round pick, and two third-round picks. They move up and get Josh Rosen, who's the quarterback sitting there for them. They come away with a franchise quarterback and still some premium picks on the second and third day."

"That's a situation if you're Buffalo, you have to entertain looking at the draft board," he said. "Knowing you have those high picks. I think four in the top-56. That's a lot of ammunition to get up there in a year where there a lot of good quarterbacks."

To recap, the Bills would receive the fifth overall pick and the 71st pick from the Broncos. In return, Denver gets picks No. 21, 22, and 56 from Buffalo. With that coveted top-five choice, Brinson projects Buffalo reeling in QB Josh Rosen.

Rosen is arguably the most NFL-ready signal-caller in this year's draft. That's why Brinson believes he's capable of taking over behind center from day one.

"Yeah, I think so," he said. "All these kids have flaws. We all have flaws. None of these kids are going to step in, I don't think, and be an All-Pro out of the gate. But I think Rosen is the type of guy with a live arm, capable of reading defenses enough, can make all the throws, where he can come in and functionally run an offense and be a starter from day one."

2 - 2018 draft prospects reveal their favorite NFL player

Twenty prospects for the 2018 NFL Draft were asked the question: who is your favorite NFL player? Among the names, one Buffalo Bill was brought up as a prospect's most beloved player. polled 20 draft prospects to find their favorite player in the league. Fifteen players were mentioned, and Buffalo's Richie Incognito was one of them.

Here's the full poll results (votes): Von Miller (3), Drew Bree's (2), Aaron Rodgers (2), Patrick Peterson (2), Le'Veon Bell (1), Tom Brady (1), Dez Bryant (1), Amari Cooper (1), Fletcher Cox (1), Aaron Donald (1), Rob Gronkowski (1), Incognito (1), Tyrann Mathieu (1), Earl Thomas (1), and Joe Thomas (1).

You'd assume it's an offensive lineman who idolizes Incognito more than any other player in the league. And for good reason.

Incognito's flourished on the field throughout his 11-year career. The 6-3, 319-pound guard has piled up four Pro Bowl selections during his tenure of the league. He's been selected to three-straight Pro Bowls, all coming as a member of the Buffalo Bills.

3 - Thurman talks about helping Buffalo high school students

He was one of the best on the field, but former Bills running back Thurman Thomas may be just as incredible off the field. The Hall of Famer has recently been doing a ton of charity work, something he's done his whole life.

On Friday, Thomas attended The Salvation Army's "Souper Bowl for the Hungry," as the event's featured speaker. There, he told a packed crowd that he and his wife have made it there lives mission to help as many people as possible.

The Johnson City Press shared the story about Thomas being on a mission to help others. They talked about the newest mission that he has set out on.

Thomas said his knowledge of Buffalo public schools, which rank among the worst in the nation, has set him on a new mission.

And he vowed, that within the next year he will do something big to make those schools better, particularly for athletes who "do no graduate and do not go to college" but are passed along through high school "to play sports and win state championships."

Thomas will always be known as one of the greatest Buffalo Bills RBs of all time, but he wants his legacy to go beyond football. He wants to be remembered for all of the things he did for others. Helping Buffalo's high school students will surely add to his already remarkable legacy. 


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