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Bills "Touchdown Turkeys" gives big to Food Bank


The Buffalo Bills Women's Association purchased a record total of 2,404 pounds of food (2,000 pounds in 2010) including 30 turkeys at their eighth annual Touchdown Turkeys event held at Tops Friendly Markets on November 8, 2011.  All of the food was transported from Tops by team partner First Student Bus Rental, and then delivered and donated to the Food Bank of Western New York.

Eighteen women, who are wives or girlfriends of the Bills players and coaches, participated in the event by shopping for and purchasing the food, and then donating their purchase to the Food Bank.

"We had a great turnout again this year with all the ladies," said Danielle Jackson, Bills Women's Association president and wife of Fred Jackson.  "We all are very committed to the Buffalo community, and we are very happy to help out."

The Food Bank of Western New York feeds many families in need within the Western New York community and was appreciative of the support.

"It's just remarkable that we had over 2,400 pounds of food including diapers, baby products, turkeys and canned foods," said Marylou Borowiak, Food Bank of WNY president and CEO. "If you had to put that in a equivalent, it's about 1,900 meals going into our community which is amazing.  After eight years we've collected a total of 9,000 pounds of food that's been given to us through the Bills Touchdown Turkeys event."

Borowiak put some other numbers into perspective.

"Fourteen percent of our population is food insecure," said Borowiak. "What does that mean? There's 185,000 people in our four counties that need us. Of that, 39,000 are children.  We as a community are there to help them, and the Buffalo Bills have always been a partner of the Food Bank. The support gets bigger and bigger each year. The Bills are so dedicated to the community and we appreciate it. The need is there, while the support is more, the need is there."

The Bills Women's Association members were glad to assist the Food Bank and know it's for an important cause.

Jackson added, "The people at the Food Bank are really warm and welcoming to us, and it is a great organization to donate to."

For more information about the Food Bank of WNY, visit

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