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C.J. Spiller: "I take advantage of every opportunity that I get"


RB C.J. Spiller**

Monday, November 5, 2012

Q: Did this team miss an opportunity by maybe going a little too one-dimensional on offense?

A: Not really. I did not see anything different today (on film) than what I thought we did yesterday. Had three trips down in the red zone and just did not score points. That was the only difference in the game. They scored when they got down there and we did not.

Q: When it comes to yards per touches, you are among the tops in the league. Do you feel like you were underutilized?

A: I feel fine. I take advantage of every opportunity that I get. I do not sit down with the coaches and beg them for the ball. That is not my job description. My job description is to go out there, make plays and score touchdowns for the team. We have a great offensive staff that knows how to utilize players. I do not have to sit around, mope, be mad or try to go upstairs and talk to the coaches. I do not do that.

Q: QB Ryan Fitzpatrick said they have to get you the ball you the ball more. You did not have to go upstairs.

A: I guess he must have looked at the stat-line. That is the only way. Everybody knows what type of playmaker that I am and we have a lot of play makers on offense. We have to just score touchdowns and do the little things that will help us win game.

Q: What did you see on tape from the Texans' defense that made it tough for them to call run plays?

A: Pretty much when we went three wide they kind of just stayed with their base defense. They did not substitute. We just have to do a better job of when teams do that stuff, being able to run the ball. That was pretty much the biggest difference from what we have seen from what they did previously.

Q: Are you confident when defenses do that you can handle that along with the offensive line and produce the yards? A: Without a doubt. We have our guys getting back healthy. This is the best that I have felt since Week One. We just have to continue to work. We know it is not going to get any easier. We know if every game we have a great week of preparation like we did leading up to the Texans we will be fine. We know what every team presents.

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