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C.J. Spiller: "This is not a one-man show"


Spiller commenting on Chan Gailey's comments:

I just had great weeks of preparation. Our offense did a great job of covering these guys up. We knew coming into this game we had to be very decisive running. We had to put our foot down and getting what it takes. It all starts with preparation.  I do the same thing every week; I read hard and run hard at practice. It really is just translating it on Sundays.

On Cordy Glenn's help on Spiller's first TD run:

We see that all the time in practice so I wasn't really surprised that the hole was like that because it was pretty much a two-way, the defensive back would of went inside and I just would of kept it outside. You know when you got a big guy like that pulling running full speed at you. You know not too many guys will put their nose up there.

On the on team victory:

We have great character on this team.  This not a one-man show. It is going to take all 53 guys. Everybody did that today. I was very pleasing to get the home opener win.

Should Bills fans stop worrying:

Uh  I mean,  you have that either way. They did a very good job today. It was very loud and made it very tough on the opposing team. They are going to be with us throughout the season. All we can do is correct the mistakes we made last week.

On how rewarding this win was:

All that matters  is what is in the win or loss column. It feels very rewarding to have more points than the other the team.

On how fun it is to answer questions when the Bills win:

It is always better to answer the questions when you win. I mean but at the same time you have to have great character because there is going to be adversity so you have to have the same calmness about it. I got great advice from guys. Fred Jackson challenged me today to go out there and put the team on my back. So when that comes down from the leader you know you have to step your game up. 

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